Code Examples Forum FAQ

This forum is intended to be used to post a single thread per code example, along with thread replies to discuss each code example.

If you have Story Game-related general questions, discussion, reviews, requests, or anything else, please use the main Interactive Fiction and Story Games Forum for those.

Please Review The Following:
  • New Threads - Every thread in this forum should start with a post that contains example code to help authors accomplish something specific while writing Literotica Story Games (Stats System, Battle System, Random Character Generator, NPC Generator, Conversation Tree, Dungeon Mapping, Keeping Track of Time, Stamina System, Mini Games, Character Levels, Weapon Crafting, Gold Farming, RPG Stats, Rashomon Effect, etc.).
  • Thread Titles - Thread titles should be descriptive so that other authors can easily search and find what they are looking for when they're stuck or needing help with how to accomplish something in Ink.
  • Code Formatting - When posting Ink code in message, please wrap all of the scripting in the "code" formatting tag (CODE /CODE with the usual brackets around them) available in the text formatting menu. The code tag can be accessed by clicking the vertical "..." icon (to the right of "Insert Table" icon) and then clicking on the "</>" icon. Please choose "General Code" (the default) from the code type drop down menu.
  • Thread Text - In addition to the code/script, you should include some documentation or explanation of what the code does and how it does it in the first post in your thread.
  • Sources - If you're submitting code that was inspired by or helped by a third party resource, feel free to link to that resource (links to spam sites or any commercial site may be removed if they are determined to be spammy, dangerous, or questionable).
  • Replying to Threads - Feel free to reply to any thread in this forum to ask questions, offer suggestions to improve code, or discuss any of the code in the thread you're replying to.
  • Posting Topics Already Covered - There are countless different ways to accomplish similar things in Ink. Please feel free to post the 10th or 100th thread sharing an example of how you think that a battle system should be coded, as long as your solution is different than the already posted solutions. If your solution is a minor change to code shared in an existing thread, you may want to simply reply in the original thread with suggested changes, but assuming you have a new solution, feel free to start a new thread with your code.
If you do post code in this forum, be aware that authors on Literotica and possibly other sites may use your code in their stories or games. Please do not post any code that you want to keep private or any code that is owned/copyrighted by someone else. If you would like authors to give you an attribution if they use your code, you're welcome to request that in your post, but we cannot enforce it and you should assume it will be done on a voluntary basis if at all since the code will be posted on the public internet.

If you're an author who uses code snippets found in this forum, you may consider thanking the author of the snippet for their help in your story introduction or in the comments of your story. Attribution for using code in this forum is not required, though thread authors may request it in their posts.

If you have suggestions for improving this forum or our code examples library, please let us know. Be sure to check our our Literotica Story Games FAQ for general information on writing and publishing Story Games.
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The attached images are a step-by-step guide to finding the "Insert Code" feature when posting a new thread with code.


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