Lesbian Couples for Ladies and Lesbians


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Jan 9, 2021
Believe pretty straight forward topic. Lesbian couples doing things together in pub.lic such as: restaurant, beach, coffee, shopping, sporting events, think you get the gist.

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Wed February 7, 2024

Since launching this thread seven weeks ago, the ladies discussed and agree changing the topic of this thread. Despite history of each thread about Lesbian Couples being hijacked by guys then removed from the forum, we're dropping, "... in Public", and renaming this thread to Lesbian Couples.

This thread is for, about, and named, “... for Ladies and Lesbians”, so guys if you post, please respect the women, follow the thread's: topic, theme, and tone. IOW, do not post: anything heterosexual , girl-on-girl acting like sluts, or any other type of porn made for guys.Also do not post male hetero remarks or comments

Despite what is commonly posted in other threads, same rules as our other threads: do not post sexually explicit conduct including sexually explicit activities, masturbation, lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area. There's more, and will bring up if warranted.
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