UK Census data

The census figures very likely understate the actual numbers of people in those groups. sSome won’t trust the census as confidential, others don’t complete it.
Agreed. Given the attitude of the current government towards LGBTQ+ I suspect many people said 'fuck you' and entered their gender /sexuality as 'rather not say'. I can't honestly remember how I completed it... I might have put the anger to one side and acknowledged that maybe we should be counted.
These numbers are a big step forward. The Office for National Statistics interviewed a good number of Trans people before doing the census, to get the questions to be as sensible as possible.
Unlike politicians, they did not guess about us in our absence.
Yes, the numbers will be an underestimate. Although you could answer these questions separately and in confidence, many who completed the census will have had no opportunity to do so.
So these numbers are a bare minimum baseline, but they give the lie to those who pretend we don't exist.
262,000 of us in England and Wales alone.
And they give the lie to those bigots who try to erase female-to-male trans people, to concentrate on demonising male-to-female trans people, because the numbers in those categories are more or less equal.
The statistics are very similar to those gathered in comparable countries.
Interesting to look at different places as well, which are more diverse and culturalply attrac, such as Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, maybe few surprises, compared with more ‘traditional’ straight communities.