Female Butts and Legs for Ladies and Lesbians #LV


Literotica Guru
Jan 9, 2021
Well, happened again. After two weeks since the thread began, guys were the second most terrible to the founder of the Delicious Derrieres, then as a result after her posts were removed, and the thread will fade away.
And those are on top of guys only caring about themselves and posting wherever and whatever they want (e.g. Lincsguy1968 post #232 a few hours ago in Affectionate lesbians thread)

Rather than hold one specific guy accountable for consistently posting photos he wants which are outside Literotica's rules, instead Female Butts and Legs for Ladies and Lesbians #LIV was removed Saturday June, 24, 2022, and to me now seems a good time to bring back the thread.

Recent four months have had many guys posting what they want, not respecting our threads or women.

This thread is for, about, and named, “... for Ladies and Lesbians”, so guys if you post, please respect the women, follow the thread's: topic, theme, and tone. IOW, do not post: anything heterosexual , girl-on-girl acting like sluts, or any other type of porn made for guys.

Despite what is commonly posted in other threads, same rules as our other threads: do not post sexually explicit conduct including sexually explicit activities, masturbation, lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area. There's more, and will bring up if warranted.