Women's Lounge and Night Wear for Ladies and Lesbians


Literotica Guru
Jan 9, 2021

Observed three days ago guys drove out the founder of the Professionally Sexy for Ladies and Lesbians thread and approximately two thousand of her posts (eighty pages) were removed. And despite this forum (GLBT Chatter being non-straight sexuality), and that thread named, ‘for Ladies and Lesbians’, this afternoon guys began making their heterosexual posts.

Then thought would launch this thread; which is NOT girls night out, or bedtime lingerie.

Recent four months have had many guys posting what they want, not respecting our threads or women.

This thread is for, about, and named, “... for Ladies and Lesbians”, so guys if you post, please respect the women, follow the thread's: topic, theme, and tone. IOW, do not post: anything heterosexual , girl-on-girl acting like sluts, or any other type of porn made for guys.

Despite what is commonly posted in other threads, same rules as our other threads: do not post sexually explicit conduct including sexually explicit activities, masturbation, lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area. There's more, and will bring up if warranted.

The irritating thing is that as you say, they have plenty of forums, without invading ours, and making what they think are ‘clever’ posts, it seems we can’t have anything just for us.

"...what they think are ‘clever’ posts..."? No. They simply do not care about anyone except themselves.

With the anonymity they think they have, the cowards hide behind the web thinking that it won't affect them in person.