2015 Survivors' Scorecard for GentlemanJakeG


Licker of Boxes
Apr 5, 2003
Welcome to the 2015 Survivor Literotica Contest, GentlemanJakeG!

You can find a ScoreCard template here.

Other helpful survivor links:

Official Rules
News & Views

Remember, it is your responsibility to accurately track story scores, immunities, and bonus points. You are encouraged to track your points regularly and maintain your ScoreCards updated at the end of each month. You don't have to, but it really does help with the bookwork.

When adding submissions to your ScoreCard, always include their titles, and don't forget to update the points for each category and overall. When adding immunities, always include the date on which they were won. For a detailed explanation on how to fill your ScoreCard, click here.

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Best of luck to you!