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Aug 13, 2007
It's not often that I’m surprised by my husband but when I told him that I'd been chatted up by a guy when I was out with my friends he didn't seem worried at all, not offended, not hurt, nothing.
He asked me what had happened so I told him that I was the last of my friends to leave the bar and while I was gathering my things and putting on my coat, a man had said:
"Here, let me help you." and had helped me with my coat. I thought it was a kind gesture and when he offered to buy me a drink I accepted.
And we just clicked.
He was charming, funny, handsome and when he leant forward to kiss me I returned his kiss. To say I was turned on was an understatement.
No man had made me feel like that for a long time. Sure the passions of marriage do fade away but it felt good to be kissed like that.
When I'd finished telling my husband my story I'd expected him to be upset or hurt, even annoyed but he surprised me by saying he was ok with it and I should go ahead and meet the guy again.

Later that night we had sex like I can't remember when. It was if my husband was fired by me being hit on by another guy, and me? Well I was imagining it was the guy in the bar I was making love with, not my husband.

In the morning I watched my husband leave for work and wondered what was going on in his mind. Was he really turned on by the thought of me with another man?
I know I was.
My mind wasn't on my work today, filled with conflicting thoughts.
I had expected my husband to be angry or hurt when I'd told him what had happened in the bar but all he'd said was I should go ahead and meet the guy again and then, then there was the sex.
We haven't had sex like that for ages and if for no other reason than that it would be worth meeting the guy again so I could tell my husband what had happened.
Then I toyed with the idea of just saying that I'd met the guy. Would that be good enough to turn him on again? Probably I supposed it would. After all, he wouldn't know that I was lying but then I wouldn't have the excitement of knowing that I really had met the guy and that he was turned on by me and that I was turned on by him.

I left work at 5pm and headed downtown to the bar where I'd met the guy last night, wondering if he'd be there again.
On the way I called my husband to tell him I'd be late as I was meeting someone for a drink. I didn't tell him who I was hoping to meet. If the guy turned up the I'd be able to tell my husband what happened and if he didn't show then I had a choice.
Tell him the truth or invent some story.

I stopped as I opened the door and scanned the room and he was there, standing at the bar. The sense of relief was overwhelming and I hadn't realised how much I'd been hoping to see him again. He waved and I went over, accepting his hug.
"I was hoping you'd be here again. Same again?" At least he'd remembered what I drank. That was a plus.

I shed my coat and took a good slug of my drink.
"So, are you a regular here?" I asked "or was our meeting last night just chance?"

"It's a bar I use occasionally. And you?"

"Occasionally. I was here with friends."

Whether by accident or deliberately, we'd moved closer to each other and without thinking I ran my fingers down the lapel of his jacket, laying my hand flat on his chest, looking at him as I did.
"I'm glad we met. I told my husband about what happened."

"And ...?"

"He was turned on I think, not angry. It was him that suggested I meet you again."

"Well then we shouldn't disappoint him should we. Why don't we sit over there." he said, indicating a booth.

He ordered more drinks and let me sit first and then sat next to me.
"So, do you think you should have something more than a kiss to tell your husband about?" he said putting his hand on my knee and moving it inexorably higher.

I resisted my automatic reaction to stop him even though I knew where this could go.

"Yes let's," I said turning my face to him and parting my legs just enough for him to know what I wanted.
I usually get home from work around 6pm but tonight, like last night I was late, and tonight I hadn't been with friends, I'd been with the guy in the bar again.
I opened the front door quietly. I could hear the TV playing and crept down the hallway. My husband was in the snug, holding a beer in his hand and watching football.
I opened my handbag, took out my panties and tossed them over to him. He looked up suddenly as they landed in his lap.

"They're wet!"

I was leaning against the door, smiling.
"I know, that why I took them off."

My husband moved, easing his chinos to accommodate his sudden erection. He'd guessed where I'd been.
"Did you meet him? What happened? Tell me, I want to know."

He moved across making room for me to sit next to him and I put my mouth to his ear.
"What do you want to know?" I asked breathily, blowing into his ear as I spoke.

His voice rasped as he answered and he had to lick the dryness from his lips before he could answer.
"Everything, tell me everything."

I found his erection straining against his chinos and gave his cock a squeeze.
"Everything? Do you want to know why my panties are wet?"

"Yes, everything, tell me everything."
His voice was barely a whisper but his urgency was unmistakeable.

I took a swig of his beer.
"So, I went back to the bar and he was there, waiting for me. We hugged and I kissed him and he bought me a drink. He remembered what I'd been drinking last night, very clever don't you think?"

I moved my fingers and found the zip on my husband's chinos and started to open it.

"Did you do that for him"?

"No silly, do you think your wife is some kind of slut?"

"No, of course not it's just that ..."

"Ssh, I haven't finished telling you yet."
By now my hand was inside my husband's chinos and I could feel the wetness of his precum.
"So after the first drink he suggested we move to a booth and he ordered more drinks. He was siting next to me with his hand on my knee and I moved my legs apart, just a very little but he took the hint and slid his hand all the way up to my panties. I was already soaked so I excused myself, went to the ladies room and took off my panties."

I picked up my panties and held them to my husband's nose.
"Can you smell how excited I was? Lick them."

I didn't recognise the words coming out of my mouth but my husband did as I told him, inhaling my scent and licking my panties.

"Did you make him do this, sniff and lick you panties?"

"No silly, we were in a bar, there were other people there but they couldn't see what he was doing under the table. He slid his hand all the way up my leg, slipped his fingers into me and found my clit, just gently. I was so wet and I struggled not to moan too loud as I came."

My husband cock was twitching as I told him this.
"He made you cum in the bar? My god, that is so sexy. Can I make you cum now?"

"No, why do you think I got your cock out? I'm going to make you cum." And saying this, I bent to take his cock into my mouth, working his shaft with my hand while my mouth and lips worked on the head of his cock.
It didn't take long before he exploded into my mouth, jets of cum filling my mouth and when he'd finished I showed him his cum on my tongue and in my mouth before swallowing all of it.

"Next time I meet him I'll do the same for him and then you can kiss me, knowing that I gave another man a blow job."
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