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Ripple in the Water
Aug 1, 2010
Any minute now.

I lean back in my comfortable chair and watch the progress bar on the screen. It currently hovers at 98%. Any minute now the download will be complete.

'Cyclopean' it is called. Considering what it promises it is surprising the game had not been hyped more. 'Fully immerse yourself in an antique world of barbarism, wonder and grand adventure'. 'Highly advanced next generation AI custom tailors the game experience to each individual player' I had stumbled upon it by pure chance on Vapor's online store. The screenshots look amazing, and since Vapor has a generous reimbursement policy I had not hesitated with my purchase. I could afford it.

My looks aren't that impressive, I openly admit that. In the mirror I see a thin and flat chested wallflowery kind of person in her thirties, wearing her brown hair in a practical short cut. But at least I am smart which had gotten me a well paying job that could easily finance my high end rig and whichever game I would want to feed my escapism with. This one seemed right up my alley.

There, the download is finished, and the red 'Downloading' button changes to a bright green 'Start'. A quick click. An intro starts playing on the screen. It shows a large chamber, likely underground since the only light source are a circle of torches on the walls. At the center three figures in long black hooded robes stand at the corners of a triangle inlaid in the floor. Thier arms are outstretched and they were chanting unintelligibly. As they do, a shimmering globe of light begins to coalesce in ther midst.

The trailer pauses itself and the camera zooms into the glowing sphere. The completely nude model of a man appears on the left side of the screen. Looking at the freely exposed private parts I was surprised how openly X-Rated this game seems to be. Pleasantly surprised. On the right side are a lot - an awesome fucking lot - of menu options. Everything about the model seems customizable. The first one is easy, and immediately that naked male is replaced by a nude woman. Next there are species. The lore window informs me that humans are the dominant species in the world, but there also are other metahuman minorities. I did not even bother to read past 'Elf', and my character model becames lither, paler, and grows elongated pointy ears.

That is when the detail work starts. Apparently every minor body part is customizable. Within limits. I get to work. It takes me more than 30 minutes, but eventually I am satisfied with the results. A gorgeous blonde elven lady of ethereal beauty stares back at me from the screen, swaying slightly in her idle animation. I had chosen a fair skin complexion, bordering on pale, hairless except for her scalp. The facial features have a delicate quality, almost angelic. For the body I had picked a lithe build of slightly above average height, slender toned limbs and a small but firm behind. If only I could have given her larger breasts, somewhere between C cup and D cup the slider would not budge any further.

Once finished the next screen pops up. Now it is time for the nitty gritty character stats. Apparently the game uses an entirely point based system, no levels, no classed. Stats, skills, abilities, everything has to be bought with those 400 character points. And there is a cap of 10 for attributes (standard D&D fare) and a tiered proficiency system for skills. Also some helpful pre-selected templates as a starting point. The 'Elven Mystic' immediately calls out to me, and it quickly turns out to be their version of the D&D Monk, a Martial Artist with some Ki powers.

After a bit of fiddling it soon becomes frustratingly clear that those 400 points are not enough. Not if I wanted all the most fun sounding goodies. But I am a smart girl, am I not, and I earn my living with programming. There is a 'Back' button and thankfully also an option to save that visual model I spent more than half an hour to create. Whew.

Quitting the game, another thirty minutes are spent scouring the game files. At first I am overwhelmed by the sheer volume, but the developers had been very disciplined, with clean folder structures. And they did not use any fancy decryption or compression, so eventually I find a file named characterCreation.json. Inside there's startingCharacterPoints: 400, maximumstartingSkillTier: 1 and maximumAttribute: 10. I quickly make a backup, then change those values to a more generous startingCharacterPoints: 4000, maximumstartingSkillTier: 4 and maximumAttribute: 30 for good measure.

Holding my breath I start the game again.
The first relief comes when I can indeed load my visual model without hitch.
And then ... it worked, 4000 points to spend! Yay, much better!

For attributes I settle on
Strength: 30
Dexterity: 30
Constitutuion: 15
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 30
Charisma: 15

Next skills. Mastery proficiency in Unarmed Fighting, Bladed Weapons, Perception, Insight, Stealth, Persuasion, Deception, Athletics, Acrobatics, Thievery and ... 'Skill cap reached'. What? Okay, those will have to do, too lazy to hack this again. No Intimidation, Leadership, Streetwise or Survival, but I'll probably find some NPCs to help me, right?

For abilities I settle on the Wuxia fare the game seemed to offer. Become an awesome Martial Artist with fist and sword, amplified further with Ki. Jump obscenely high and wide, run really fast, even a short range teleport was in there.

Lastly some advantages. Elven low-light vision is upgraded to Devil's Sight, some Immunities against Magic, Disease and Poison, Keen Senses. The disadvantages section I mostly check out of curiosity, I do not need the extra points those provide. Until I read 'Sterile'. That was a thing, you could get knocked up in the game? Not something I wanted, so I very quickly picked that option, ignoring the lore text about 'social stigma'. Oh and there, almost missed. 'Attractive' and 'Very Attractive'. I had just enough points left for the latter. The moment that one was selected a popup showed with 'New customization option unlocked'. Curious I followed the link which ... brings me back to the breast size slider. What the .... NOW I can get herself an F-Cup? Briefly I wonder what had went on in the game developer's heads, but then I just yank the slider all the way to the right. On the slender elven frame that heavy pair now looks positively enormous, crowned by thick nipples.

Finally done I eagerly press 'Start Game', and only as the screen collapses do I notice the last menu option 'Purchase starting equipment'

However, the game does not start he way I expected. After the screen goes dark, so does the whole room around me. An inpenetrable darkness engulfes me, and before I even have time to panic I lose consciousness.

Once I wake again and look down at myself I have to shake my head in disbelief. It is not easy to comprehend what just had happened. Because ... that is not my body I am looking at. I am butt naked. Prominently in the center of my downward vision is a mountain range consisting of two massive udders. I can feel them tugging heavily at my chest, quite the novel sensation. I am that sexy bombshell now? No idea how the game did it, but that is hot! Is this a VR game? But I did not even put on my VR goggles, or did I? And there, jingling in my hand, a leather pouch with some coins, the cash I should have bought my starting gear with - clothing included.

Finally I am able to focus my attention on my surroundings. I am in the underground chamber from the intro. More specifically in the center of the triangle. The three robed dudes - hard to tell what exactly they are under their hoods - are looking at me. From close up they appear hunched over and not particularly athletic. Even though their faces are shrouded in darkness I can feel how their gazes for the moment are glued to my bare tits, until at least one of them manages to reign himself in. Wow, the game does react to my state of undress? That was novel. And promising.

Mr. 'Oh, your eyes are up there' finally takes a step forward and asks in a rasped voice that seems to make an attempt to be friendly: "Welcome, please introduce yourself to us!"

So this is where I have to pick my character name? All right, something Elven. How about ...

"I am Aeliana"
The three hooded men stood in rapt wonder at the vision of female beauty that appeared before them in the triangle. They all breathed a combined sigh of relief as the power lines on the floor slowly flickered and vanished. Each time they did this ceremony it made them all nervous, using long forgotten magic, or so they believed, to pull in from outside their own world a woman for their pleasure. The raspy voiced one, Taylan, smiled as the woman said her name.

"Aeliana, such a beautiful name for a beautiful lady. Please step from the triangle of power." He even reached out to offer his hand.

It said a lot about the man that despite his growing arousal at this goddess of elven beauty he wasn't tripping over his tongue. The hand was tanned, creased and showed his age, as did his voice. Once it had been full of power and had ordered legions of people to its bidding. Ahhh, so long ago, Taylan sighed remembering the golden years. Now he was a simple scholar of the books. A font of knowledge and wisdom for his betters. His king and the royal court of Meesana, the city of gold which stood above this cave and the warrens that sprang from it.

The other two cowled and robed men watched closely as the woman looked around, taking her bearings. This wasn't unknown, in fact t was a common side effect of dragging women from their own dimensions. They always arrived confused, which actually helped the men in their amorous advances. Both men were younger than Taylan, Makus was in his late 40's and Gregor in his early 30's, Taylan was pushing 60. The younger men glanced at each other and though they couldn't see each others eyes in the dark shadows of the hoods, they could tell each was happy and smiling. Aeliana was a prize indeed, this would be a night to remember. Both were already feeling their cocks hardening under the brown robes and all the three men were naked under the rough spun cloth.

"She is incredible, Taylan, you did well this night." Makus commented as he walked around the woman, he reached out his fingertips caressing her smooth pale skinned ass and lower back. "Yes, she is exquisite."

Taylan bowed softly to Aeliana. "Welcome to the golden city of Meesana. My name is Taylan, this is Makus and our younger apprentice Gregor."

Gregor's excitment was already visible as his now fully hard cock was tenting the soft thin brown robe at his crotch.
Aeliana was completely perplexed.

She hadn't even checked the games rating. Why would she, she was an adult. But even with an M rating for 'nudity and sexual content' she would at best have expected some bare titties on irrelevant background NPCs and a few convoluted and cheesy romanced with NPCs with a fade to black sex scene at the very end. Definitely not this.

One of the guys' hard on was prominently straining against the robes, and all of them looked at her ... it was so ... real ... the lust and craving in their gazes. This game did not hold back, and she was genuinely curious how far it would go if she let it. When would some deus ex machina appear to block the X rated content? To save her from some horrible fate and send her on her way to tackle the main quest. Which reminded her, she knew nothing about the game's plot. Which was fine, better than to get all the fun surprises poiled in advance.

Her musing was interrupred when she felt that finger tip tracing along the curve of her right buttock, and instinctively she shied away, bringing about half a step's distance between her and Markus.

"Meesana, you say?" she finally replied. Well, didn't ring a bell. "And why exactly have you brought me here?"
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"Yes, Meesana, and as to why we brought you here?" Taylan had the good manners to at least look a little uncomfortable now. Even after having done this so often before it still made him nervous to tell a new arrival why she was there. "You are here for our pleasure, Aeliana."

As she had moved away from Makus's touch it had brought her closer to Taylan who slipped an arm around her slender waist. Makus was still smiling like a predator seeing its prey come to heel. Gregor watched it all with a small smile, this was actually his first time and he felt luck that this woman would be his for the night .... well, his and the other two men's. He quickly pulled off his robe to reveal his toned fit body, a perfect six pack of abs was on show over his tanned, smooth skinned chest. His face was not unhandsome, though hardly what a girl would consider traditionally sexy. His greatest asset, as he was constantly bragging to the other two men, was his cock. Right now it stood erect, a good seven and a half inches long, cut and quite thick. Not one hair could be seen as he has shaved this morning in honor of this event.

"Enough with the pleasantries, old man. Give her to me." Gregor said eyeing Aeliana's perfect form.

He didn't wait for Taylan to reply or act, he grabbed Aeliana's arm and pulled her against him, feeling her warm body and soft skin on his, her perfect large firm breasts on his chest as he now gripped her upper arms with both his hands, his cock pushing at her flat toned tummy.

"I'm really going to enjoy this" He hissed menacingly.

Makus had also now removed his robe. He wasn't quite as fit as Gregor, a slight paunch to his stomach, his cock though as hard as Gregor's was only around 6" long and not that thick. He was also shorter than Gregor. Makus's black beard was already showing some grey, but his gaze, the way he let his eyes slide over Aeliana's back and ass as Gregor held her was just as predatory. Taylan remained clothed for now, though also hard. What man wouldn't be erect seeing such a goddess of a female appear before him.

"Please, Aeliana, do not fight us. It will go easier for you if you try to enjoy this evening." The older man said, his tone almost seemed pleading.
"You went to all the trouble to summon me just to get your dicks wet?" Aeliana incredulously replied "Why didn't you just hire a few whores and ... hey!"

Gregor's determined show of initiative did catch her by surprise, and she was not sure how to react as he pulled her towards him, and her naked body came in contact with his form. Her body apparently did not mind that force was used here, her brests radiated out a pleasantly warm sensation as they were quashed against the man, her nipples grazing over his skin. Her thoughts were still racing. So not only was the game okay with X rated content, it was actively trying to rape her. Or was it? Maybe this was their twisted idea of a combat tutorial.

Her curiosity won out again, and now she really wanted to know what would happen if she did not fight back too seriously.

"Let go off me!" she spat at Gregor as she began to struggle in his grip, leaning her upper body as far away from his as she could. Though it was hardly even a token effort she invested.
"We have positions to maintain in society .... we cannot take the risk of hiring whores." Taylan explained softly as he wanted Gregor manhandling the young elven woman.

Now he too removed his robe, there really was no point not to now with the other two men naked. His body was still fit, he was slim and tried to maintain a good physical appearance. Even if much older than Makus between the two his body was by far superior, even his cock was bigger. He watched as Gregor kissed the young woman hard, forcing his tongue into her mouth as he continue to hold her hands solidly in his grip. Makus moved up behind her, cupping her perfect ass and squeezing before pushing into her back, making her the filling in the sandwich of him and Gregor. His cock rubbed against her smooth firm skin, then slipped into her ass crack which felt like it was squeezing his dick.

Taylan watched and as per normal felt a little sorry for the girl. One moment in a place of familiarity and then snatched away and brought here. Such a displacement would make anyone unsure and scared, but, Taylan noticed, she really didn't seem that scared. No, she seemed more .... curious? His brow furrowed a little as he examined what he could see of her body. Something told him all was not as it should be, something was off, but he couldn't put his finger on it and his two colleagues were far to gone into their lust to even notice.

"We are going to fuck you all night, girl." Gregor moaned as he broke the kiss and lowered his lips to kiss her shoulders and the tops of her huge firm breasts. "Mmmmm, she tastes so good."
"Don't do this. Please ... Just let me go ... There must be women who are willing to share your bed, why are you trying to rape me?"

Her pleading sounded very convincing, at least Aeliana thought so. And it was genuine, to some extent. Mostly, though, she was in quite the emotional turmoil. Instinctively she knew she could easily break Gregor's grip. If she wanted to. But the allure her gorgeous new body exuded - even if that allure brought out the worst in these three men - felt intoxicating. It made her feel very sexy and desirable. A more experienced woman might be appalled by such trains of thought, but for her this was all too novel.

Even begging them to release her, debasing herself like that, only heightened that sensation. Something probably was very wrong with her - too much ERP in her past? - but she did not care. That game was wicked and unique, and now she really wanted to see all of it.

She almost managed to squeeze out a tear. Almost ...
"No woman could match you." Gregor stated truthfully. He did have a wife back home, but she was his age, her body gone to fat now, but even in her youth she wouldn't have compared to Aeliana.

His lips finally found one of her nipples and he begun to suck on it hard, using his teeth to nibble it some as he held her hands, but then seeing Makus behind her, the two bodies holding her between them, he released her hands and placed them on her slim waist, then her hips. He moved his lips to her other nipple working it the same as the other. She was an eleven girl and he knew there was no way she could stop three men taking her body for their delight. As had happened so many times before with other girls. Though Aeliana was by far the sexiest they had ever manged to conjure up.

Makus slipped his hands to her shoulders, pushing. "Get on your knee's, girl." He ordered harshly in her ear.

Taylan was slowly stroking his cock as he watched his two colleagues pushing the girl around. The sight of her, in any way at all, was arousing to this old man and he smiled as he saw Makus, as always, start the more forceful act of this play. He moved closer to the three, guiding on of the girls hands to his hard erection.

"Stroke me my dear." He told her almost softly, in stark contrast to the two other men.
Aeliana's legs started to bend as she lowered herself towards the ground until her knees touched the cold stone. She was getting overwhelmed by all of this, sensery input from so many different directions. Never mind that for these guys she was a mere toy they were getting her all fired up, and a first sheen of moisture was forming between her legs, testament to her arousal for the astute observer.

Her left hand rose, and her fingers encircled Taylan's shaft, though her hold was firmer than it needed to be, she was in fact using the oldes scholar's manhood as a support handle right now to not topple over as her hormones going wild caused a slight flight of dizzyness.

As she had lowered herself her breasts had slipped from Gregor's lips and her hips from his hands, and now she was looking up to see what they'd expect next, though she had a good guess about that. She would probably get her mouth stuffed.
Gregor smiled down at her, but it wasn't with much humor, more need than anything. His erection stood tall before her face as he stroked the head over her cheek and lips. One hand slipped to her soft hair and his fingers curled as he grabbed it. Pulling it back a little so her face was angled just right as his cock head smeared pre over her soft kissable lips.

"You know what I want, Girl." He said huskily. "Suck my cock."

Makus moved to her right as Taylan stood on her left. He guided her free hand to his cock, just as she had her left on Taylan's. He sighed feeling her soft fingers grip him. It was a shame they could only manage these meeting ever few months, when the stars were right and the magic had recuperated, what little there was now in the world. But it was worth it, he conceded as he began to slowly thrust his hips so he used her hand to jerk himself off.

Taylan simply stood still, looking down as the other two men did, but his expression was one of kindness, edged with desire and pleasure. Even the girls strong grip on his cock had felt good, but he could tell she was overwhelmed to some degree. For a moment he wondered if perhaps the difference he had detected this time was the girl herself. Maybe she was unwell, perhaps they should wait, let her recover her senses a little, but he knew it was to late for that. Whether she was coherent or not his two colleagues would not stop now till they had their fun.

"Are you well, child?" He asked Aeliana, although his timing was terrible as Gregor pushed his cock into the girls mouth.
"MMmmmmphhhh" was all the answer Grgor got as Aeliana's eyes widened.

In her prior life she had not had any experience with oral sex, so this was the first cock in her mouth. It tasted strange, unexpected. The precum leaking from the tip onto her tongue tasted salty, and all in all it was one weird experience. She had no real idea what was expected of her, but at least she had a good excuse for her inactivity, as literally she had both of her hands full at the moment, though with them also she did not do much other at the moment than hold onto the dicks she was holding, for supoort as much as because that was what had been her command. At least in the case of Markus that was apparently all he required, content to do the work himself.

With widened eyes she looked up to Gregor who was standing in front of her, his genital hair so very close to the tip of her nose now. What did he have in store for her next?
The minutes ticked by as Gregor held her head and fucked her mouth. He wasn't the most creative people when it came to sex if truth me told, Taylan thought as he watched the man grunting softly. Makus was also not exactly doing much more than fucking the girls stationary hand. Taylan simply enjoyed the feel of her soft skin on his cock as this was the only time he got to have sex these days. The other two had no such excuse as age to stop them, they were simply lazy. Finally with a loud grunt of pleasure Gregor began to cum in Aeliana's mouth, his body shuddering through its orgasm as he held her head in both hands. His head fell back, eyes closed as he savoured the pleasure and then slowly, trying to get his breath back, he released her and stepped back looking down at her with a smile.

"Damn that was good, you have a hot little mouth, girl." He said the smile turning into a smirk.

Taylan shook his head slowly, it was as if the girl could of shown her experience at oral sex with the way the man had grabbed and held her head and then simply pumped his cock between her lips. Gregor turned away and walked over to a table, pouring himself some beer as he dropped, still naked, into a chair.

"My turn." Makus stated pulling his cock from the elf girls hand and moving to her face.

"No." Taylan said softly, but it was enough to make Makus pause as he looked at the older man, his boss. "Lets give the girl a little time to actually adapt to our world should we?"

"But, Gregor got to use her mouth, why can't I?" Makus's tone of voice was almost petulant, like a little kid complain their sibling got candy and they did not.

"I didn't say you wouldn't, Makus, just not right now. We have all night before we send her home again."

With a scowl, Makus turned away and went to Gregor's table and pouring beer for himself too. Taylan offered Aeliana his hand to stand and led her over to a couch which was covered in silken sheets or red, blue and gold thread.

"Would you like a drink?" Taylan asked, assuming that after getting a mouthful of Gregor's cum it would be welcomed. "He poured her some fruit juice and handed her the mug with a smile as he sat down beside her. "Tell me, Aeliana, where do you come from?"
"Are you kidding me?" Aeliana burst out, staring at Taylan in disbelief. "You yank me from my world, summon me here, turn me into your cute little piece of fuckmeat, and in the end you have no fucking clue where you actually stole me from?"

She was not going to give a more informative answer. At least now that she had gotten this out of her system she calmed down again, deflating visibly as she settled more comfortably on the couch and without another word accepted the drink Taylan had handed her. She took a first gulp, sloshed it around in her mouth, her cheeks ballooning in the process, until eventually she swallowed it down. That got most of the taste of gregor's spunk out of her mouth.

While she waited for a reply that gave her time to briefly reminisce over what just had happened. She had willingly and obediently knelt butt naked at a man's feet and let him fuck her face any way he wanted. In hidsight that felt as humiliating as it sounded. But ... it also felt right - no, not right but - satisfying in a weird way. Her pussy right now was tingling. Were she asked to do that again ... she just might. That insight came as a bit of a shock.

She forced her thought away from those perverted reveals onto what else Taylan had said. Something about sending her back. That sounded wrong on several levels. First, what kind of plot would that be for the game? Summon her, fuck her, send her back, game over? There had to be something more to it. Well, it might just have been a ruse to pacify her, since Taylan just admitted to not even knowing where she was from. In that case, how were they going to send her back in first place. The longer she pondered, the more likely that sounded.
Her outburst embarrassed Taylan a little and he glanced at his two colleagues who really didn't seem to care about Aeliana other than what her body could give them. He sighed sitting beside her, one hand on her bare thigh, his cock still hard even though nothing sexual was happening, just seeing her naked was enough to bring this hardon to his old body.

"I ... we don't know where you came from, this is true. Usually we do, usually the process is simple. We cast the spell, it finds a girl for our needs, brings her here and afterwards it returns them to their dimension. But this time ... something strange happened. As I said the process is usually simple, but when I cast the spell this time I felt, like a jarring, a splitting of the spells power. Its hard to explain. I've never felt it before, ever. But because of that the spell delivered you to us, but has now dissipated. With no way to send you back to your proper realm I am afraid you are stuck here, in Gotharis."

His hand on her thigh had been softly stroking her smooth skin, his expression was one of sorrow for her and it was genuine, but that didn't take away his needs. His body needed her touch, sitting so close to her was becoming just to much even for the kindly older scholar. He caressed her face with a soft smile, then slipped the hand to the back of her head and pushed down gently toward his crotch.

"But you are here for a purpose, Aeliana, and we will not let you go until we are satisfied. You know what we want, please, don't resist." Somehow the soft kindly words seemed more weird as he pushed her soft full lips to his rigid cock.
Aeliana gave a resigned sigh and her shoulder's sagged. She realized the hypocrisy in Taylan's behavior, that it was wrong of him to demand her service like this, but right now she lacked the desire to put up a fight. So as his hand on her scalp urged her downwards further her upper body leaned over, her bare heavy breasts came to rest on his upper thigh, and eventually her lips parted, his flaring tip sliding in between them. She felt him throb against her tongue as she held still for a few moments, but soon his insistent hand guided her into motion and she began to slowly bob her head up and down. Her saliva started to coat his rigid meat with each iteration. Soon it was glistening wetly and the slurping sounds she produced when following the rhythm set by his hand were the only sounds to be heard in the room.

While her body was fully occupied this gave her mind time to ponder and process what Taylan had said. So she was stuck here for the time being. Because ... their summoning spell was jarred, split? Could that have something to do with her hacking? No, that would not make much sense, how would the game know about that. The plot had to be coded in advance. If ... it was a game. Something here did not feel right. Or rather, too right. No, not her being used as fuckmeat. But how real and responsive everything felt. Without VR goggles, without a sensory bodysuit. How would any game achieve this grade of sensory realism?

She couldn't think of a way. And that only could mean one thing ... She dreaded to pursue that thought any further.
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Taylan sighed happily as he lent back on the couch, eyes closed, focusing on the pleasure this elf maiden was giving his cock. He shivered slightly as she licked his cock head, stroking her soft hair as he guided her motions, though he found she was a natural at sucking cock and he hardly needed to push her down at all. Instead after a while as she bobbed up and down, the wet sounds of her saliva filled mouth on his hard cock, he left his hand stroke down her back, caressing it. Her skin was so soft he thought, and so smooth. he could feel the muscles under it though and he begun to wonder how strong this girl might be.

They had had girls appear who were sick, who were shocked, who were scared and yes, even some who had fought them, physically. They had never had a problem overcoming such girls of course, three men on one girl was a forgone conclusion. But Taylan felt a cold flicker of fear as he wondered what they would have done if Aeliana had decided to fight them. His caressing hand made its way to her firm round ass and squeezed. Fear or not, his body reacted to her beauty and sexiness.

"You are such a work of art." He moaned softly before he heard a grunt. Opening his eyes he saw Gregor, it was always Gregor, was trying to move Aeliana's hips enough to push his cock into her pussy.

"Maybe our Elf girl likes it in all her holes." He grunted.
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Aeliana was absorbed bobbing her head up and down on Gregors prick untill that mesmerized state was rudely disturbed by Gregor's hands on her hips. She grew immediately irritated, and felt she had to do something about it.

Up her head came freeing itself from Taylan's hand as she sat up and turned to face the eager young scholar. "What do you think you are doing?" she accused him, her expression slightly irate. "Can't you see I am already busy? Or do you want me to bite off your bosses cock just because you had to distract me?" With a questioning stare her eyes bore into him.

"Also, once I am done here, wouldn't it be his ..." she pointed over to where Makus was grumbling about beping left out "... turn first? Jumping the queue, are we?" At that moment she reminded him of the most pedantic educator he ever had.

"So, off you go..." she accompanied that one with a shooing gesture of her right hand.
"You do not tell us what to do woman!" Gregor snarled, slapping Aeliana's firm ass as he gripped her hips, his cock head brushing over the warm skin.

"Gregor .... I believe it would be wise to do as she asks." Taylan stated looking over the elf girls body at his colleague. That doubt in his mind about this woman was still niggling him. "After all she didn't say you wouldn't get to fuck her, just that you should wait."

Gregor was flustered by his superiors seeming bending of the knee to, what in Gregor's mind, was simply a fuck toy to use and send away. But he saw something in Taylan's eyes he had never seen before, doubt. He licked his lips and stepped back a little, his cock still hard.

"Fair enough, Taylan, I will wait, for now, but this woman needs to learn respect for her betters. She does not tell us what to do, ever!" Despite his annoyed tone of voice Gregor didn't act on it, he moved away and sat with Makus and filled a goblet with wine.

Taylan looked down at the girls pretty face and stroked her long soft hair again. For the first time in years, to many years, he felt a warmth in his heart. Already, in only a few short minutes of her being here he was falling in love he realised. He also realised how pathetic that was of him.
"What an impudent individual ..." Aeliana commented, half towards taylan, half to herself, as she watched Gregor depart. At least he had not stirred up any more trouble. Seems the barking dog had no bit when his superior scolded him?

"Where were we?" The blond elf shifted position, and without further ado her head once again lowered itself down on Taylan's erect cock. That organ, despite the altercation, had lost hardly any of its rigidity. Soon her lips were around his shaft again, her head bobbing up and down, and with one of her hands she gently took his wrist and placed his palm back onto her scalp.
Taylan happily moaned as she went back to sucking his cock as if nothing had happened. His eyes closed and he relaxed back on the couch, legs spread, the pleasure from his crotch moving in waves throughout his body. His hand on her head stroked her soft hair as he would a child, but then he wrapped the hair around his fingers and pushed down, making more of his cock push up into Aeliena's mouth. He felt it brush her throat as his other hand reached down to find and caress her large firm breasts hanging beneath her, his fingertips playing with the hard nipples.

He forgot the other two sages as he lost himself in the most incredible oral sex he had ever felt. They couldn't do anything to him anyway, though he knew they wanted him gone. They felt he held them back and he did. Both of them had hurt girls before during sex, giving into their baser instincts believing they didn't have to treat the summoned girls as anything but toys. Taylan always brought them back though, sometimes by threatening to stop these orgies. He alone knew the magic to use and only he could cast the spell. Without him neither had the learning or skill to recreate the spell to summon these strange girls.

"Aeliana." He sighed her name, feeling his balls starting to tighten, the beginning of that deep churning in his guy that signalled an orgasm was near. He pinched her nipples as he pushed her head down harder, choking her a little as his hips suddenly thrust up and with a gutteral cry he began to shoot thick streams of cum into her mouth.
By now Aeliana knew what to expect. Like Gregor before, when in the throes of his climax Taylan forgot his good decorum and rammed his prick as deeply into her throat as he could. But the blond elf focused herself to relax - which turned out surprisingly easy - and could fight down any budding gag reflex. She held still as the old scholar unloaded, only her throat twitching whenever she swallowed down another of his loads. And finally the man was done as well.

When she was sure that that was it Aeliana pulled pack, slipping out from under the hand on her scalp and sat herself upright once again. With a smirk she mustered Taylan's organ as it began to turn more flaccid, coated still in her saliva and some of his own seed.

"Are we done, then?" she casually asked, while eying Markus, the only of the three who had not had sex with her yet. If you could call shooting your spunk into her mouth having sex. She at least had not gotten much out of it yet.
"Not yet, now it is my turn." Makus stated.

He stood before Gregor could say anything and walked over to where Aeliana sat on the couch next to Taylan, his hard cock leading the way. Both of his colleagues had now at least cum, but he wanted more than her mouth. He pulled her up off the couch and spun her around to face the old man, pushing her head down so she bent at the hips. He slowly caressed her ass cheeks, marvelling in how soft and smooth they were, but also so toned. His fingers dipped down between her thighs, expertly caressing her pussy lips and searching for, and finding, her clit.

Makus might be an oath and about as romantic as a brick wall, but he had picked up some skills in his years with women. He had figured out a long time ago that if you gave them a little pleasure in return they more readily pleasured you. His weakness was lack of patience, and a need to ride those women had to get his fulfilment. Still, this elf girl was so gorgeous he found himself curious and went down on one knee behind her, leaning in to lick over her pussy, his hands squeezing her ass as he did so.

Gregor was hard again, slowly stroking as he watched Makus play. He decided he could wait a little longer before plumbing this girls depths. Taylan had cum and the old man rarely got it hard a second time which left Aeliana to him and Makus this evening. He watched as Makus's hand glided over the girls back, then her sides, then under her to fondle the firm breasts hanging there, tweaking the nipples as his skilled tongue went to work.
Aeliana's forehead was resting on the polstered seat of the couch, between her lower arms, as her ass was in up in the air for Makus' perusal.

And she had to admit, this felt good. From the start, there was something unexpectedly sexy in the way he manhandled her and put her into position with commanding directness. It felt like an expression of his desire for her and his urge to sate that very desire. For the inexperienced Aeliana it still was inspiring to be coveted so much.

Also, his tongue and fingers clearly knew what they were doing. He was the first of the three who was actually pleasuring her, and she lacked the deceit to conceal it. "This feels good ..." she murmured, audible for Makus at least, as his finger tips once again fondled one of her swaying udders.
The man smirked at her comment, his ego already inflated that only made it more so. His fingertips pinched at her hanging nipples, twisting them gently, pulling before cupping the entire breast in each hand and squeezing as his tongue worked her clit and pussy lips. Slowly he pushed his tongue inside her, beginning to tongue fuck her pussy as he mauled and fondled her breasts. he couldn't recall the last time he had sampled a pussy as delicious as Aeliana's, it tasted otherworldly almost and he realised he wanted more, much more.

Whereas usually he would pleasure a girl just enough to make her bend to his will, this time he felt an almost overpowering desire to make Aeliana orgasm for him, to prove he could make this goddess succumb to his skills in sex. He stood, turning Aeliana around to face him, pulling her naked body up against his own as he kissed her hard and passionately before pushing her back on the couch next to Taylan who watched all this with a mystified expression. Even more so as Makus fell to his knees before the elf girl, pushed her legs open and dived back into her pussy with a the gusto of a gastronomic expert tucking into a plate of the very best food he had ever tasted. This was not usual for the man, Taylan knew only to well.

Not to be left out however the old man turned on the couch to face Aeliana and lent over to take one of her hard nipples between his lips, teasing it with tongue and fingertips, sucking, biting, flicking with a tongue tip, caressing her upper body softly as Makus devoured her pussy.
By now Aeliana's loins were on fire.Not only had Makus in fact acquired some skill over his years of whoring around, that new body of hers proved quite receptive to this kind of attention. Refleting on it at a later moment she might reach the conclusion that it was a side effect of how she had heightened her perceptive capabilities, but at the moment she was in no state for such rational analysis.

If Makus wanted positive feedback, he got that in spades. Her breathing got heavier, with eyes half closed and lips parted she began to moan, softly and first, then more and more audible. Between unintelligible sighs and groas the occasional "Oh .. yes .. Makus ... yes ..." coudl be heard. Passive at first she began to lift her hips, actively press her pelvis against his mouth to urge him even deeper. As her arousal heightened further so did her desire for action. She brought down both of her hands on Makus scalp - casually brushing aside Taylan as she did. at the same time she warpped her legs around him, and with her heels digging into his back and her firm grip on his head there was no escape for the sage now, in an ironic imitation of hos Gregor had face fucked her previously.

Her moaning got louder, the bucking of her hips more insistent, her hold on him stronger ... until she hit her climax. She threw back her head, her whole body tensed up, and with her lips pressed in a firm thin line she rode that orgasm for as long as she could. Only then, spent and satisfied, did she relax, loosen her hold on Makus and sink back limply onto the counch, her legs still hanging over his shoulders.