Welcome to Gotharis [closed for Gabe619 and Cherubian]

Makus slumped backwards as she finally released his body. He gasped for air, his face glistening with her juices, his tongue flicking over his lips to drag as much as he could into his mouth. She tasted like the Gods ambrosia to him. Behind him he heard Gregor laughing.

"Did she use you, Makus? Whatever you did seems to have made her happy at least. Maybe it's time for me to have another go."

"No!" Taylan stated standing up and reaching for his robe. "Enough for now. Let her rest while we find some drink and food."

Gregor shrugged and donned his own clothing as Makus slowly got to his feet and smiled down at Aeliana. "You are wondrous, elf girl .... wondrous."

With that he joined his two colleagues and left the chamber, leaving Aeliana alone for the first time since she had arrived.
Aeliana smiled back at Makus as he complimented her, and weakly waved in his direction. Despite his rather rude initial behavior ... he had been the only one of the three who had gotten her off. Quite intensely so. Right now she felt content and pleasantly exhausted.

She tilted her head to wordlessly watch as the trio paraded out of the hall. Finally, when she was alone, she pulled up her legs onto the sofa, reached for a nearby blanket, pulled it over her slender frame and curled up underneath. Her head resting on one of the sofa's pillows she began to drift off to sleep.
The guards wore the black and gold livery of Lord Hestus, one of the most powerful men in the city. There were six of them led by a sergeant at arms, all wearing thick leather armour, metal helmets and carrying swords. As they descended into the bowls of the city itself, having been given directions by an ally of Taylan who preferred to keep his head on his shoulders, they drew their swords and readied themselves. They finally got to a wooden door set in a black stone arch. Finding it locked and having no key subtly was now out. The sergeant directed two of his bigger, stronger men to put their shoulders to it and stepped back.

The suddenly thudding on the door got the three sages attention immediately and al had the same look of fear. No one should know of this place, certainly not what they did down here, so how could anyone be at the door? They looked at each other, panic setting in. There was only one way in and one way out of these chambers, through the same door that was in the process of being broken down. Taylan had feared that one day their libido's would lead to their end, and they had had a good run. As an old man he wasn't to concerned about meeting death, everyone died at some time, but Makus and Gregor stood and were obviously scared for their lives. With a sudden thunderous crash the door gave in and the guard rushed forward. In seconds they flooded into the room where the three sages stood.

"By the order of Lord Hestus you are under arrest for the crime of unauthorised use of magic, the kidnapping of girls and threatening the safety of the city." The sergeant shouted to the men who cowered a little now. "You will be taken for questioning."

With that he waved his men forward and the sages were pushed and shoved out of the room. The sergeant looked around then turned to his remaining men.

"Search the place, bring any evidence you can find of wrong doing to the Lord."
Aeliana meanwhile had an interesting dream.

She was still completely naked, and still in her gorgeous new elf shape. Only this time she was led my a masked muscular brute at least a head taller than her. His massive left had was firmly locked around her upper right arm as he guided her up the steps to a wooden stage. Dragging her to the front of that stage she could see a large predominantly male crowd leering up at her. Upon her arrival there was cheering and whistling, and she basked in the admiration.

"Aeliana, the hottest piece of ass you'll ever fuck!" proclaimed her captor in a deep resonating voice as he casually reached over with his free hand and squeezed one of her tits. Which led to even more cheering. Until, suddenly there was a commotion in the crowd.

Wait, no. That commotion ... was real, not in her dream. Instincts she did not know she had jerked her abruptly back from the land of wicked lewd dreams to realitiy. As she blinked her eyes she could clearly hear steps coming down the stairs to her room. Immediately she sat up, reflexively clutching the blanket to her bare bosom. She looked over the backrest of the sofa at the door just as it slammed open and two of the armed henchmen stomped inside.

"And who are you now?" she asked, visibly confused. Were the sages now whoring her out to their guards?
The two guards stopped short seeing this beautiful elf girl sitting before them and obviously naked despite the blanket she had around her. Unable to stop themselves they stared for a few seconds before they heard steps behind them and quickly moved into the room as the sergeant appeared. He was made of sterner stuff though and although his eyes swept over her admiringly, any red blooded males would have, he didn't get transfixed by her.

"Search the room." He ordered the guards who quickly decided that it would be a good carer move to obey the older man.

"We are the soldiers of Lord Hestus, chief magistrate in Gotharis. And who might you be, girl?" He asked as he looked around for Aeliana's clothing. "I know what you are, another slut for the sages to use, probably magicked up from Gods knows where. But their illegal activities are now at an end. Lord Hestus will decide what to do with you now."

Finally he gave up his search for clothing around the couch she sat on and walked to a wardrobe against one wall. Opening it he found a selection of clothing, all female, in different sizes, shapes and styles. He grunted in approval and waved at it as he turned back to Aeliana.

"Dress yourself, girl, then we will take you to our Lord."
Considering how these soldiers were supposed to punish the scholars for their criminal activities ... they didn't really treat Aeliana any better. At least that was what she thought. Bossing her around, calling her a slut although by their own accord she was the victim here ... even the three old horndogs were more polite to her. She decided to keep those thought to herself for now, though. They were in a bad mood already, so any altercation shoudl be well timed.

Keeping the blanket wrapped around herself she finally rose to her feet and walked over to the wardrope, having a first look at the contents. So those mischievous old bastards could have given her something to wear right away, but instead ... she had to briefly grin at that wickedness.

There was another, more pressing matter, though. She turned towards the seargeant and spoke. "Will you give me some privacy while I change?"
The man was in his 50's, a veteran soldier of many battles as his facial scars showed, but he had also taken part in after battle orgies in captured towns. As Aeliana asked for privacy he turned to face her, then looked around the room. There was only one door, the one he had come in through, so there was no way for her to escape. He gestured for the two guards to leave and once they had he closed the door and turned back to her.

"I will stay, just to make sure you don't try anything."

The excuse was so paper thin it was almost invisible. He crossed his arms and waited for the girl to make the next move as he watched her with a lopsided smile. Lord Hestus had made it very clear that he knew the sages had magicked up another girl to use and that she was to be brought to him unscathed. The sergeant knew well what happened to those who disobeyed such orders so he wasn't about to hurt the elf girl. He was also sure that once the Lord saw this woman he would keep her alive for his own pleasure. As it had always been there was one rule for the rich, and one rule for the peasants. The Lord was married, even had children, but having a mistress had never unduly put out other Lords in the city. Their wives simply turned a blind eye and enjoyed their money.
Why wasn't Aeliana surprised? So the leader of those ... soldiers? thugs? ... wanted to get an eyeful of naked elf. She saw no real point in debating this. Instead she turned her attention back to the wardrobe.

One hand holding the blanket in place the other rummaged through the textiles on offer. Finally she settled on a short white sleeveless dress with dome flower embroidery along the seams. That one would show a lot of her shapely legs, for sure, but she had mostly picked it because it seemed not to inhibit her mobility like the longer pieces on offer certainly would. And it didn't hurt to show some of her assets when dealing with mostly male adversaries. Keep them distracted.

With her back to the seargeant she finally let go of the sheet. After making sure her back was to her one man audience. Which briefly granted him the sight of her bare back, her firm small ass and even a hint of sideboob as she lifted the dress over her head and slid into it. When the garment was in place the skirt section did not even reach down to her knees, but at least it did not show her bare crotch with every step she took. The cleavage was visible, but not outright indecent. All in all she felt she had chosen well.

Rather quickly she grabbed a pair of matching sandals and put them on as well, before turning back to her peeping tom.

"Ready when you are."
The sergeant smiled and looked Aeliana over in her new clothing, she actually looked just as hot dressed as undressed he considered. He opened the door and led the elf girl out and up the stairs where they found the other guards and the sages waiting. The three sages looked despondent, convinced their deaths would be close at hand by the end of the night. With a wave of his hand the sergeant led the group up the stairs and outside into the cool night air.

This part of town was old and usually empty this late at night, the catacombs the group had just come out of were ancient, which was why the sages had used them. The guards marched their prisoners to a wagon that had been left parked and pushed them all up into it. Two guards sat with them to make sure they didn't try to escape, while the other either climbed up in front or would walk escort alongside.

Half hour later the wagon rattled into a courtyard. Tall, thick walls surrounded it with guards look down with curiosity. Looming above was a grand towering edifice, a small castle constructed into the side of the mountain that rose beyond it. The city was huge, the capitol of this country, so their were many such buildings dotted around, all of which failed greatly in comparison to the main keep of the royal family. But this castle housed the family of Lord Hestus.

Aeliana and the Sages were taken from the wagon, which rattled away to the stables, and led inside. The corridors beyond the solid double doors were warm and brightly lit with carpets on the floor and tapestries on the walls along with paintings. The group was escorted to the reception hall. Two black wood double doors partied to allow them access and inside the hall almost seemed to swallow them up. It rose into darkness above them with tall columns marching from the doors to the raised pedestal at the end of the hall as they supported the unseen roof above. In the shadows between those columns stood more guards with pikes.

Sitting on a throne type chair waiting for them was the Lord Hestus himself. An athletic forty year old man with a neatly trimmed black beard and deep, piercing grey eyes. He was dressed in soft black leather pants and tunic with his family crest in red embroidered above his heart. Black boots were on his feet making for a very sombre appearance indeed. As the group got closer it was obvious that Hestus had eyes only for Aeliana. His stare was focused on her alone, but as the guarded group came to a stop before the throne and the sages bowed their heads in respect, he finally sat back, his hands on the arms of the chair.

"Taylan, it is a sorry sight to see you here. I thought we had discussed you ending your meddling with magic. Especially that which brings such unfortunates as this young lady into our city for no other reason than to satisfy your sexual needs. This time you have all gone to far." He waved at a guard. "Take them to the cells, they die at dawn."

The guards pushed the now scared sages away through another door, Taylan looking back at Aeliana once with an expression of sorrow, but whether it was sorrow for himself or her who knows.

"So my dear, tell me your name, and where you come from." Hestus asked in a polite voice as he waved again and two servants appeared with a small table and chair for Aeliana, then bringing food and drink for her. "Please, eat, drink, I am sure you have had little or no sustenance since you arrived here."
Well, she had had two mouthful of cum. And supposedly there is some protein in that. But by and large Lord Hestus was right.

As Aeliana carefully sat down on the chair and surveyed the dishes placed in front of her she tried her best to come to grips with that new situation, and how to handle it. The three sages ... they had not exactly been nice to her, but they still were her best bet to get back home, as clueless as they might be about the issue now. Them getting executed at dawn therefore was a decidedly bad thing to happen. She should try to prevent that.

And then there was the lord himself. The way he looked at her made his intentions quite clear. At least he was maintaining a polite facade for now. Should she just play along and sleep with him? Maybe that could get the sages spared for now. It also would make her life considerably easier than bein g all on her own in a city she knew nothing about. Of course there was that issue of personal dignity.

The food ... she winced at the sight of it. Lots of meat, most of it likely cut from some spit roasted pig or such. Vegetarians probably weren't a thing in that age. Thankfully there were also some fruits and some freshly baked bread on the table. And a piece of cheese. She leped herself to those, and slowly began to eat, while also taking a drink. Thank fully there had been the option to chose either water or wine. She had no intention to get drunk yet. As she continued to shew, though, she noticed a faint tingling starting in her loins. Why was she getting turned on now? Had that bastard laced her food with an aphrodisiac?

Oh, and he still wanted an answer. Considering his devious nature she considered it safest to tell as little as possible.

"My name is Aeliana, mylord .." she finally spoke, trying to sound respectful. "... I think. That is about all I remember prior to appearing in those catacombs your men rescued me from. Before that, my memory is a blank."
"Hm, I see, that's a shame. I confess to being intrigued where Taylan got his girls from." He shrugged watching her eat. "Rumours of course have existed for many years, decades even, of a secret circle of mages or scholars who used what little raw magic remained to simply enjoy their sexual urges. It is only recently that I begun to realise my old tutor, Taylan, was in fact the head of that small cabal. It truly will hurt me to end his life, but the law is the law. We can't have people magicking up girls from who knows where into existence. I mean what would happen if they by accident summoned a demon, or some other supernatural entity? It could destroy us all" He leaned forward a little, gazing down Aeliana's cleavage from his vantage point on the throne which was raised enough to give him a perfect angle. "I must say though, this time he outdid himself. You really are a work of art, my dear. How is the food by the way?"

A small smirk flickered over his lips as he asked. He had instructed his people to add a little of the aphrodisiac spice to the meal. He had been curious what his guards would come back with, but not even in his wildest dreams had he considered such a sexy elf girl as this would adorn his halls this night. Luckily his wife and daughter were way, so he had no need to be secretive with this Aeliana, not after the drug took effect that is. It reacted differently in different people, so applying the correct dose would have been trial and error for his staff. To little and the person might feel a touch horny but that would be it. To much and they would rip your clothes off to get to your body just to satisfy their sudden urges. He knew whatever happened none of his guards or staff would tell anyone else, they would be to scared of his retribution.
After those last remarks she was sure. He had definitely spiked her food. That did not change the fact that she was feeling horny now. But it didn't have to be Hestus' dick to help her scatch that itch, did it? If Makus was as good with his manhood as with his tongue ... Speaking of which.

She put her cutlery down. The worst of her hunger and thirst had been sated, and eating and drinking more would only mean to consume more of the aphrodisiac. Looking the man straight into the eye she inquired. "Mylord, I understand that the sages need to be punished for their misdeeds." They definitely did! "But, shouldn't they first be forced to undo the damage they did before they are executed? They may be the only ones able to help me get back to wherever I came from."
Hestus seemed to contemplate her words. He had no real interest in getting her home, though he was curious about the magic involved it was a danger subject to be looking into these days. His plan was to keep this sexy elf girl here as his mistress and enjoy her till she bored him then cast her out and find something new to pleasure himself with.

"I might be persuaded to spare their lives." He finally offered, his smile and gaze making it obvious what he wanted to be persuaded. "Taylan is a good man, for all his misdeeds, if anyone would know how to get you home it is him. He did, after all, bring you here to start with."

He rose from the throne and slowly walked down the few steps to the hall floor. His eyes never left Aeliana as he moved behind her, his fingertips coming to stroke her hair and shoulders. The flimsy white dress she wore hardly covered anything and gave him a tantalising glimpse of what lay beneath. As he looked down he could see her nipples poking through the thin material and his arousal grew ever more potent. His cock rose in the thin black leather of his pants.

"Let us make a deal, you and I, you pleasure me tonight and if I am happy with your performance then I will spare Taylan and the other two. But if you displease me you join them in death tomorrow morning. What say you, Aeliana?"
A cold ire took hold of Aeliana at the lord's words. Had that imeptous prick truly just said what she had heard?

Very slowly she turned her head and upper body until she could face him by looking up. Her eyes bore into him as she inquired with an unnerving calm "Have you just threatened me with death if I am not fucking you good enough?"
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Hestus shrugged, the smile never leaving his face. He moved behind her, softly massaging her shoulders as he let the silence build a little before he answered, as if he was thinking about what that answer would be.

"I have no doubt that sex with you would be incredible, Aeliana. Your body was made for sex, even a blind man could tell you that. I was simply offering you a deal to save Taylan and his colleagues lives. It is of course up to you if you take it or not."

As he spoke the massaging fingers slowly slipped lower and lower on the elf girls chest till he was cupping her firm large breasts in his hands as he kissed the top of her head. His fingertips tweaked her nipples.

"Maybe, if you are as good as I think you will be, I won't kill you, even if I do decide to end those wretches existence. I understand your need for them to live of course, that they may know a way to send you home again. Perfectly logical. Let me amend the deal then, to see if this new bargain will sound better to your pretty elf ears." He let her breasts go and moved around in front of her sitting on the edge of the table with her food on it. "If you agree to become my mistress, to do as I say, when I say it, to pleasure me as ..." His eyes slowly tracked down her body and back up as he smirked, "only you can do, Aeliana. If you agree to that then I will keep them alive. As long as you please me, they live. But keep in mind that I have their lives in my hand. I can end them with a word."

The thin, soft black leather pants he wore did nothing to hide his current state of arousal, and he felt no shame or shyness about letting Aeliana see it either. He crossed his arms as he looked down at her in the chair.

"What say you, Aeliana?"
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Would he ever know how close to death he had been in these tense moments? The confidence with which he carried himself indicated that he did not consider her a threat at all. That may yet become his downfall, but for now he coincidentially had done just the right thing to defuse the tension.

Apparently her libido these days did not care at all what an arrogant asshole the man was. Her body just enjoyed his posessive hands on her breasts, and so she all of a sudden was fully occupied not to show an immediate reaction to his groping. Keeping her hormones in check she pondered the alternate offer. That, at least, would give her more time to plan the sages' escape than murdering him and his guardsOr maybe the learned trio could even help her while still in captivity? At least she had options now. As long as she agreed to become his whore.

Calmly she rose from her chair and took a step back. Slowly she reached up. Her fingers slid her dress off her shoulders, and the garment immediately followed the pull of gravity to end up pooled around her ankles, leaving Aeliana fully exposed. Not only to Hetus, but also to all the guards in the room. The thought turned her on, and her nipples were hardening.

"I accept your offer."
Hestus took a while to simply admire her as she stood there naked. He was sure the guards in the hall were doing likewise, though they would never do or say anything. To Hestus they were as much furniture as people and he gave them no mind.

"Truly wonderful." He whispered with a slow nod as finally he pushed himself up from the table and again walked around her, this time his fingertips trailed over her smooth skin. Her hips, lower back, ass cheeks, then as he paused behind her they travelled up her back to her shoulders. "Your skin is so soft." He complimented her as his fingers now slipped into her hair, stroking it slightly before his hands slipped around her and he pushed himself against her back and ass. His hands found their way back to her breasts, as if the orbs had a gravity that attracted them. He cupped them, fondled them and then again teased her nipples before sliding a hand down over her flat stomach and down between her thighs to her clit and pussy.

"Did the sages pleasure you during your time with them, Aeliana? I wonder just how good a man is at sexually pleasing a woman if he needs magic to find one." Hestus chuckled softly in her ear as he whispered the words, his lips stroking over her ear, neck and kissing her shoulder.
"Oh, they did well enough ..."

So far Aeliana had managed to hold still as the lord's hands shamelessly roamed her body. What helped her to suppress any signs of her own arousal was the arrogance that man exuded. Clearly she was no more than a toy for him, and his compliments sounded routine, like he had perused them countless times before, on other women. All the more annoying it was that his fondling did have the desired effect, and she would not be able to mask that fact much longer. So she kept looking ahead at the wall before her as she added to her reply.

"Maybe they used summoning because they were looking for a challenge?"

It was sheer speculation, and something she knew was not true, but maybe it would irritate him? She'd take any small victory she could get.
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"And are you saying they met this challenge, with you?!" Hestus asked in disdain as he pulled away slightly. "An old man and two sages who spend more time with their books than a woman? No my dear, you need a real man."

His hands slipped around her, his fingers caressing her smooth firm skin, his now full hard cock bulge pushing on her flawless ass. He wasn't rough, he wasn't obvious, his touch was soft, light, teasing at times, his motions speaking of a man with hours of experimentation with women sexually, whether they wanted it or not. His fingers stroked her stomach, then down either side of her groin, avoiding her pussy, but his touch light on her hips and thighs, even her inner thighs, then they moved up again, still avoiding her pussy as the stroked up her sides, over her ribs, up and over her upper arms and shoulders, then finally down to cup her firm breasts. But even here he wasn't overt and grabby, still caressing, teasing her nipples, softly squeezing the firm breasts, thumbs rocking the hard nipples before tweaking them with thumb and forefinger.

"Does it not feel good to be touched like this, Aeliana?" The lord asked softly in her ear as he lightly kissed it. "To be treated as the gorgeous, sexually fascinating woman you are? I wonder, how many men have you had over the years? I know elves live long lives, immortal lives even ... how long have you been enjoying the touch of men?"
Hearing him speak like that was a healthy reality check for Aeliana. His fingers knew what they were doing, for sure. It was becoming increasingly harder to pretend she did not care as she held still demonstratively. Shivers ran over her skin, and even the occasional goosebump made itself know.

But this ... Just a minute ago she had explained to him that her memory only went back as far as the summoning ritual, and now he was asking about her former life, all the men she had had, and how long she has been fucking ... That demonstrated quite plainly how much he really cared about her, and how intently helistened to what she said.

Not ... very ... much ...

But why was she surprised? All his talking was only to stroke his own ego, to demonstrate to himself what an awesome stud he was to get to bed this hot elven chick. That train of thought did indeed help her to cool down a bit as she continued to endure the lord's ministrations. He did not even expect a response, she was sure of that.