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Aug 13, 2007
“But are you really sure Eve? I mean you and James are … well you both seem so happy together. Why on earth are you even considering this?”

My friend Kate’s brow was furrowed as she searched my eyes and she reached across the table to take my hand.
We were having a coffee together.

“This is so not you Eve. Whatever has put the idea of having an affair into your head?”
I looked at Kate and smiled.

“Ah yes, everything looks great from your side of the table but to tell you the truth I’m bored. I want some excitement in my life, something to look forward to.”
I paused.

“I’m bored with the routine, bored with the same old day in day out and although I love him, I’m bored with James, especially in bed.”
I leant forward, glancing from side to side to make sure we couldn’t be overheard.

“Do you know I’m lucky if we have sex once a month, sometimes longer, even if I start something, and then … well it’s the same every time, a quick grope of my tits, a fingering and then he’s on top and it’s wham bang thank you ma’am. He cums, grunts and then he’s asleep and I’m left there with his mess on me and the sheets wondering what I need to do for him to even think about making me cum.”

Kate was looking at me blushing, her eyes and mouth wide open.
“I just didn’t realise. I mean it’s not exactly Pornhub in our bedroom but at least we do try different things from time to time. Have you said anything to him?”

“Well, I’ve tried, you know, showing him articles in magazines about spicing up our sex life but he just doesn’t seem interested.”
Kate looked down and fiddled with her coffee cup before looking at me again.

“You don’t think he’s having sex with someone else do you, getting it elsewhere?”
I smiled at her.

“Frankly Kate I wouldn’t care if he is. At least I wouldn’t feel guilty about getting some for me with someone else but like I said, I need some excitement. I want to know that someone is pleased to see me, that they find me attractive, that they want me, not for just sex, but for me. I want to feel wanted.”

Kate looked at me triumphantly.
“You’ve met someone haven’t you. Is it someone from work?”

“No, I haven’t met anyone and if I had it certainly wouldn’t be someone from work. No, it’s just that I look at people, wondering if they’re having affairs and if so, who with. Like in the mornings, waiting for my train to work, I look at the people on the platform and wonder if … well, I wonder.”
Meanwhile in the next town over from Eve, Ron stared blankly at the woods behind his house as he sipped his morning coffee. Something had been building inside of him for years. At first he suppressed it but it kept building and gnawing at him each time those thoughts came up. He was bored with everything and just trying to muddle through each day. The kids were grown and out on their own, he was bored with his job and bored with his wife, especially in the bedroom.

At the same time he loved his wife Joanie. They were both in their late 50s and had been married 30 years. They had been through so much together. They were good attentive parents and raised 3 successful kids. They achieved a modicum of financial success and independence. Also, they stood with each other through tough times whether they be cancer survival or job loss.

However, their lives had turned into work, after work glass of wine, dinner, watch TV then go to sleep. Weekends were pretty much the same. Rinse and repeat. Whether it be because of age, going through 'the change", after effects of surviving thyroid cancer in her 40s or just shear exhaustion all Joanie wanted to do was watch TV and drink herself to sleep. Ron would always suggest getting out of the house to do something but Joanie would shrug her shoulders and shake her head no. She always had an excuse and it was always a lame one. Anniversaries, birthdays and gourmet meals went unrewarded and often unacknowledged for Ron.

There is an old saying that good sex will never save a bad relationship but bod sex often will undo a good one. That's what was happening here. Every other month Joanie would give Ron a mercy fuck. It was usually on a weekend morning. They would both leave their pajama tops on and it was over relatively quick. There was hardly any kissing and she'd let him put his hands under her PJ top and feel her breasts. She hadn't given him oral sex in years but he only recently stopped giving her oral sex. Now he had use lube because she wasn't getting wet on her own. She would reach into her bedside drawer and casually toss the tube to him as if to say.

"Here, put some on and let's get this over with"

On the rare occasions it lasted more than a couple minutes she would turn her head to the side and stare at the wall. Worse of all, he felt that she made him feel like a dirty old man when he tried to initiate any intimacy. She always had a look that was a combination of resignation and disgust when ever Ron would even broach the matter. He once suggested a toy but she was so offended and insulted that she would not have sex with him for 4 months after that and only did so when he said he was sorry and would never suggest such a thing again.

While he knew he could not go on like he didn't know what to do.

"Could I really cheat on Joanie?" he eventually asked himself. Soon he was asking himself that question several times a day.

He had several opportunities of late with co workers but backed out each time. He was not going to have an affair with anyone at work, he abided by the old adage

"Never get your meat where you get your bread"

Because Joanie only wanted to stay home, he had virtually no social outlets any more. He wanted to do something but he didn't know exactly what.

He poured himself a second cup of coffee when he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror.

“You need to lose yourself about 30-40 pounds. It's not a question of looking like you did when you played football in college. At this point, it's a health issue"

Then he thought

"There is supposed to be this real great gym just outside of town. Maybe I'll join and see how it goes"
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“So how was your week. Any leads?”
We were in our favourite coffee shop and Kate’s smirk and raised eyebrows told me she wasn’t talking about work and I smiled at her in what I hoped was a suitably inscrutable way.
I wasn’t going to let her get off easily.

“Well a couple of enquiries, not exactly leads but you know, perhaps something might come of one of them.”
She smacked the back of my hand.

“You can stop that right away. You know exactly what I mean. Were there any tasty fellow commuters on your train? A young hunk for example or a greying at the temples executive who could whisk you away to his Caribbean lair? I could see you with a toy-boy. No complications, easy to control and as much sex as you can handle.”
Kate squirmed in her seat as she said this.

“Oh I see, are you getting horny on my behalf, not getting enough at home? Run out of new things to try?”

“No, of course not. It’s just that I’m interested in how you’re getting along with your project. It is ok for me to be interested isn’t it? We are best friends after all.”
I smiled.

“It’s ok and I know you’re interested and yes, we are best friends but to answer your question, no, there weren’t any leads of that kind. A greying at the temples executive with a Caribbean Island might turn out to be a Jeffrey Epstein and as for a college hunk he’d be just as likely to be wham, bam, thank you ma’am but with more vigour. No Kate, I want someone with a brain who’s looking for the same thing, looking to be appreciated and wanted and if there’s sex involved then it has to be good and I mean very good.”

Kate looked at me.
“You are serious about this aren’t you.”

“Yes I am but I’m in no rush, well not exactly no rush but it doesn’t need to be this week or month but not much longer than that.”
Kate took my hands across the table.

“You know that whatever happens I’m here for you?”
She paused and then continued.

“So what about work. You said there were a couple of enquiries. Any good?”

“Well one of them could be interesting. There’s a gym newly opened just out of town and they want us to run a promotional campaign. I’m going over next week to have a look around and do some face to face with the staff and customers – you know, talking heads – and I’ll see if there’s anything we can use on local TV and social media. If nothing else it’ll be a break from the office.”
I finished my coffee.

“And who knows, there just might be the man I’m looking for, bored at home, keeping in shape and glowing with manly sweat.”
Kate nearly choked on her coffee.

“Well, if there’s two like that you can count me in.” she said with a laugh.
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The next day Ron drug himslef to the gym. He was going to take advatage of the 6 month promotional rate and then see how it went. He dressed for the group orientation. He dreaded the locker room. There were younger, much more in shape guys with bigger cocks and well defined muscles.

"Oh well, maybe if I drop about 30 I can get someone interested in me because I can't go on much longer like this" he kept telling himself as he walked to the conference room where the orientation was to be held. "I'm not over the hill and I shouldn't feel ashamed about having a sex drive. I'm not a dirty old man! I'm a passionate fifty something!"

He took a seat in the back of the conference room. To his pleasent surprise there were more women there then men. More to his delight most the women were in form fitting outfits. Some of the women were very heavy and had a look of embarassment on thier face and in their body language. He knew that they would be the subject of some derrogatory and insulting comments from the guys in the locker room afterwards. But Ron viewed it differently. If he could say anything to them it woudl be this;

"Good for you. I admire what you're doing. You took the initiative to better your self either mentally or physically. I sure hope you get there and get to a better place."

Yes, there were some 20s and 30s in tight spandex who could have been swimsuit models but most of the women were somewhere in the middle. That group was most likely moms who were finally doing something for themselves instead of their kids or husbands. Or maybe there were some who were there for the same reason he was. Then he stopped his mind from wandering

"Now now, let's not get ahead of things. Let's find out what this gym has to offer." he told himself

He was staring at the floor and then looked up as the leader of the orientation started to speak. Just then he saw that a very pleasent lady directly accross the room immediately looked down and started staring at her shoes. They had made eye contact for a nanosecond. Her friend had been talking to her but it apeared to Ron that she wasn't listening to her.
The drive out to the gym was a pleasant break from being in the city and although only twenty minutes or so it gave me time to think about what I was looking for and to catch up with my company’s resident camera operator.

“So Jane, what I’m looking for is a mix of members, everything from young, fit and trim through middle-aged hanging in there or trying to lose some weight right up the demographic to sixty plus who’re enjoying retirement and being at the gym is part of that retirement, both sexes of course.”

We sat off to the side of the orientation presentation which gave us a good view of the members who had attended and as I’d guessed there was a good mix there but more women than I was expecting but the gym was in an affluent area so perhaps the women had time to attend during the day while their men were at work.
I looked around the room. Most of the people there were focussed on the presentation but there was one guy, fifty something I guessed who was also looking around the room and for a moment our eyes met but I immediately looked away.
What I didn’t want was any recognition when we started interviewing and filming the members, it had to be spontaneous. But there was something about him that caught in my mind even though our eye contact had been so brief.
Could he be the guy? Was this one of those serendipitous moments in life?

Ok, he was older than me and not exactly a hunk but did that matter? In any case, age shouldn’t matter and as to hunkiness, well the only thing that really mattered to me was did he have a brain, would we have that indefinable connection that makes a relationship click?

“Hey, you still here?”
Jane’s dig in my ribs and whispered question dragged me back to reality and why I was here. This was work and I should be concentrating on that.

“Sorry, miles away for a moment. Have you seen any possibles to interview and film?”

Jane leant in and whispered in my ear.
“Well there’s a few I’ve spotted but let’s wait until the presentation is done and then we can mingle and see what we can find ok?”
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All in all the presentation lasted about a half hour. At first, Ron was all ears and took in all of the information about gym rules, etiquette, etc. Then as the presentation went on he kept paying less and less attention to the presenter. He was sneaking looks at that young woman with whom he made eye contact. She was wearing spandex pants however she was also wearing a loose fitting T shirt that was at least double the size it should have been so he had no idea of her figure. Still there things that intrigued him about her. First was her posture. She sat up straight and held her head high. Then there was her face. It had perfect skin, high cheekbones and her eyes had a combination of mischief and shyness. Then there was her smile. That smile damn near melted Ron's heart.

"Now calm down fella" Ron was telling himself. "You have to have at least 10 years on her, if not more. She is probably here just to work out and even if she's not there are tons of guys her age or younger that she would probably go for. Plus she has a workout buddy so they are probably here just to work out and go home"

His mind kept spinning. He kept looking over her. He wanted to find an excuse to talk to her. She most likely wouldn't be interested in someone older who was 30 pound over weight and nowhere near as chiseled as the younger gym rats in them.

Just then their eyes met again. This time she didn't look away. Ron just smiled and nodded his head. She returned that smile and nod and by the end of the presentation they had a nonverbal back and forth, rolling their eyes and smiling at each other.

When the presentation was over there was a reception with fresh fruit, fresh veggies and herbal teas. Ron saw the 2 of them by the fruit platter. Though Eve was not dressed provocatively, Ron felt her allure. He also felt like he had to say something to her. But he had to say something to both of them because he didn't want eve to think he was ignoring her friend.

He went right up them and struck up a conversation. He wanted to this before he lost his nerve.

“This looks like a great gym. I'm gald I took advantage of the promotional offer"

Eve just smiled and said

"Yes it does"

Her friend agreed and soon the three of them were making small talk about the facilities and how they were now going to have to work an exercise schedule into their lives. But Ron really wasn't listening to her friend. He was being polite enough but he was really focusing his attention on Eve and hanging on every word an melting inside each time she flashed that smile of hers . He then extended his hand and said

"By the way, my name is Ron. What is yours?
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“Hello Ron, I’m Eve and this is my associate Jane. We’re work for a publicity company and we’re here to interview members for a promotion that we’re running for the gym. Would you mind if we started with you?”

Ron was agreeable and I asked him a standard string of questions: how had he heard about the gym, did he like the facilities and what was he hoping to achieve and then finally a few optional questions of a more personal nature – how old was he, was he married, where did he live and email address.
In all we took around three minutes of video with him and then had to move on.

“Thank you so much Ron. We’re going to move on now and interview a few more people but I’ll be sure to email you when the promo makes it to the local TV station.”

Jane and I moved on, interviewing a good cross section of the members and then some footage of the gym and its equipment until we had thirty minutes of video which would probably be edited down to a finished thirty seconds. By the time we’d finished the crowd had thinned until only a few were left.
One of them was Ron so I walked over.

“No home to go to?” I asked with a smile.
“Oh I have a place to go to” Ron answered back “But I have been spending too much time there.”

He continued

“That’s why I am excited to join this gym. I am not about to turn into a couch potato and I am hoping all this exercise will give me a new lease on life. You know, sometimes it’s up to each of us to make the change”

He then cryptically added

“I think I’m going to like it here because I sense there are possibilities for me”

Eve and Jane started putting away their equipment as the very last people left the room. Except for Ron. He wished that the interview would go on forever. He wanted to look at Eve's face again. He wanted to see her flash that smile for him again. He pretended to read some literature about the latest equipment the gym had.

Soon it was only the 3 of them left in the room. Again Ron and Eve’s made eye contact but this tiem it was not by accident. And now they held that eye contact for a few seconds. Jane either didn’t notice or pretended that she didn’t notice. Eve briefly falshed her smile again.

Breaking the awkward silence Ron asked

“So are you two off to the next assignment or are you calling it a day?”
Like most gyms nowadays, this new one was as much a social club as a gymnasium with a swimming pool, sauna and hot tubs and of course a restaurant and bar.
“No, this is our last assignment today.”
I turned to Jane.
“How do you fancy checking out the restaurant and bar? I’m sure we’ve got time for that and it will give me some ideas for the script for the video.”

Jane glanced at her watch.
“I’m sorry Eve, but I have to be back in the city to pick up my kids but you stay if you like but then we’ve only got the one car. How will you get back?”

I looked at Ron and smiled.
“Perhaps I could get someone to give me a lift. Would that be ok with you Jane?”

Jane smiled at me.
“Yes, that’s fine by me. See you in the office tomorrow then.”

“Thanks Jane, See you tomorrow.”

I turned back to Ron, this stranger who I didn’t know from Adam but who’d answered all my questions, including the personal details, and looked at him. I guessed he was mid-fifties or so, a bit overweight but he’d been pleasant and obliging when Jane and I interviewed him.

Could it be him?

The truth was I didn’t really know who I was looking for, I just wanted something different, someone who’d make me feel valued, someone who appreciated me. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted a full-on relationship with sex. I just wanted someone who wasn’t my husband.
At least he was married so he’d have as much to lose as me if it all got out of hand but could I fancy him?
I checked myself. At this stage that really didn’t matter. All I wanted was something new, an adventure, an adventure to follow for as long as it felt good.

I watched Jane leave the conference room and turned to Ron.
“Buy a lady a drink mister?”
Ron couldn’t believe his good fortune. Like Eve, he too tempered his expectations.

“Look, she’s more than 10 years younger than you and there were lots of guys there her age and, let’s face it, in better shape than you. You may be only 30 lbs overweight but, be honest, there were tons of gym rat type guys there who are really cut. Plus she’s probably happily married to a guy adores her. I mean what guy wouldn’t adore her”

Finally he thought “She’s just being nice to an older guy who gave her a good interview”

But he couldn’t help himself and he extended his arm and said

“Ma’am would you do me the honor of partaking in an after work libation with yours truly”

He extended his arm and she linked arms with hers as they headed towards the bar. As they walked Ron remarked

“Gee that’s a lovely scent you are wearing today. May I ask what it is?”

Eve told him and Ron reminded her it worked very well with her. They sat down at a table in the corner. They ordered their drinks and before the waiter came back Ron asked her

“You seem like a natural when you were interviewing me. Are you happy doing this kind of work?”
“Ma’am would you do me the honor of partaking in an after work libation with yours truly”
I couldn’t help but laugh at what Ron said. It sounded like a line from a 1930s movie, something that Clark Gable might have said but it was charming and I guessed that Ron was a little nervous.

“That would be lovely, thank you Ron.” And I took his offered arm as we walked to the bar.
We found a table and ordered drinks. Ron had asked me about my perfume and I offered him my wrist for an extra sniff.

“Well I’m glad you like it. It’s not my usual, normally I use Chanel No 5 but I thought I try something different, something to go with my mood. This is Calvin Klein’s Escape. What do you think?”
Ron seemed pleased with my perfume and even that little thing made me happy. I couldn’t remember the last time my husband had given me a compliment like that.

While we waited for our drinks we chatted and Ron asked me about my work.
“Oh I love my work. It’s so varied and I get to meet so many interesting people, like you for example. So Ron, you told me when I interviewed you that you’re married. Will your wife be joining the gym or is this strictly Ron time?”
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Ron just chuckled and shook his head.

"No I will be at the gym solo. Unfortunately my wife has a standing date each night with the TV. And that’s not for me"

He paused for a few seconds to gather his thoughts. He noticed that the lighting from the overhead lamp made Eve’s face look even more warm, even more understanding and welcoming. Her hair completed the package.

“I know that you said you were married too. Do yourself a favor and never get in a routine where it’s always the same ole same ole. Some people are destined to be stay at home couch potatoes. But I’m not one of them. I think I would be in the looney bin if that’s what my life is all about”

Eve looked down at her glass and subconsciously batted her eyes. Ron noticed and remarked to her

“I didn’t notice before but you have very long and pretty eye lashes”

Eve blushed. And the she blushed about blushing. Ron went on

“But I digress. I’m glad you like your work. It must be so interesting and exciting and I’ll bet that spills over to your personal life. After all, you must know all the cool, hip places to go”

Ron was nervous about the next question he was going to ask but he asked it anyway

“My guess is that your husband is grateful to have a wife with knowledge of these things. Do the two of you ever go out to these places once your professional assignment is over?”
A wry smile flicker around the edges of my mouth when Ron advised me not to get into the same old same old.
Because that’s exactly where I was and the reason I, a married woman, was sitting having a drink with a married man – a married man who wasn’t my husband and I wondered how many other similarities there were.

He too seemed to be bored with his marriage and his wife if I’d heard him right and what about sex?
He’s not too old to have sex but do they do it together or has that gone stale for him just as it has for me.
I read quite a bit about sex in marriage, how it fades in proportion to the length of marriage and how to revive it and then I’d read about couples in their late sixties and even seventies who were still getting it on.
Perhaps not so acrobatically as before but still enjoying an active sex life.

I had to check myself and took a sip of my drink.
I’d been mentally undressing Ron and wondering how he’d feel lying naked next to me and even how he’d feel lying naked on top of me.
I assumed that he could still get it up and in any case, there was always Viagra and Cialis to help with that.

Would he be a good lover, did he know some good moves, did he understand how to turn a woman on and bring her to orgasm?
If I was going to have a full-on affair I didn’t want to be a convenient fuck for some guy who wasn’t getting any at home.
I wanted a lover with a capital L.

He was saying something about my eyelashes.
“I’m sorry … oh yes, thank you, I’ve always had long eyelashes.”

I smiled and put my hand on the back of his.
“Now tell me. What’s a married man like you doing flirting with a married woman like me?”
Ron smiled and thought a bit before he answered. He wanted Eve to know that he felt a spark that went to his bones. He didn’t want to seem too anxious because he might frighten her way. At the same time he wanted her to know that he was not just some older guy looking for a bit on the side or that he was going through a mid-life crisis.

“Well sometimes you just have to follow your gut. I just met a warm wonderful engaging perosn. Sometimes there are possibilities in life that will go to waste if you don’t pursue them.”

He wondered about her too. Is it possible that she too feels bored and neglected at home? And what kind of guy would neglect a woman like this? Could it be possible that she was as lonely and neglected as he was?The he started having images of the 2 of them naked in bed laughing, cuddling and kissing. Then he was imagining what she looked like naked when he started to get aroused. Now it was his turn to blush.

“You know what I really thinking about right now?”

He could see this question threw Eve. He thought she must have been wondering if he was going to say something icky or something sweet.

So he preemptively answered

“I’d like to know if you would want to go on a picnic with me in the park tomorrow. It’s supposed to be warm and sunny day. I'll pack the lunch and bring the wine. It will give a chance to get to know each other better if you would like”
“You know what I'm really thinking about right now?”

Ron’s question caught me completely off guard. It was as if he was reading my thoughts, knowing that I’d been imagining being in bed with him, his skin against my skin.
Had he been having the same thoughts? I shivered and felt my nipples harden.

This was crazy. Ok, so I’d fantasised about having an affair, even told my friend Kate about it and now I knew I'd have to answer some questions from Jane as to why I stayed to have a drink with Ron. She knew I was married. Why was I doing this?

But now here in the bar with Ron it all seemed possible, everything had fallen into place so quickly.
Ron was married so wouldn’t want to get caught.
He was polite and friendly.
He was older than me which in his eyes, almost certainly made me more desirable so he would be more attentive.
He had time on his hands and, perhaps most importantly, like me he seemed determined to follow his dreams or at least his gut instincts.
And if it came to nothing then, nothing ventured nothing gained. There were plenty of fish in the pond … and even a dating site by the same name.

“I’m sorry, I was miles away. Did you say picnic? Yes, that sounds fun. What did you have in mind?”
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Ron was delighted that Eve was willing to spend more time with him. Still, he knew he had to be cautious. He didn’t want her to think that he was just an older guy looking for a young pretty thing on the side. Not that he hadn’t been contemplating it. Not that he hadn’t made a couple clumsy attempts with other women at the office. No, Eve was different. He was at first captured by her face, her smile and the way that speaking with her was just enthralling. Everything she said to him just seemed to connect. And then when he looked at her from the shoulders down the blood started flowing to his cock.

“Stop it Ron” he silently reminded himself. “No way would a pretty younger woman like her go for an older guy like you. Besides, she probably has a husband who adores her and savors that beautiful body of hers every chance her gets….like I know I would if given the chance”

Yet he could not help himself from pursuing this once in a lifetime opportunity. So he pressed on

“I know a quiet, secluded place just outside of town. The weather is supposed to be sunny and warm tomorrow.”

The he looked her in the eye

“We’ll have more privacy there. The people at the other picnic tables won’t be able to hear us talk.”

He then took her hand and put his hand over it and drew up his courage and said

“I know you’re married but I hope you’ll say yes anyway. At the very least you’ll get a lunch in the park on a beautiful day”

Eve didn’t say anything at first. Then she smiles and said

“Yes, I’d like that very much”

Ron’s heart just skipped a beat and waves of joy flowed throughout his body. Ron gave her directions to the part and said to meet him there at 1.

“Remember, it’s supposed to be sunny and warm so dress appropriately.”
I can’t help but smile when I agree to meet Ron for a picnic. He’s such a sweetie, gentlemanly in an old-fashioned way but nervous at the same time. Perhaps he’s having pangs of guilt about what’s in his mind.

Of course, I don’t know where this will lead but if nothing else it will be fun spending some time with him and who knows, we might both be looking for the same thing. I take a breath to say something but then decide what I was going to say was too soon. I was going to ask him where he hoped this would go, what he hoped the outcome would be but that’s for later so I just say:
“Yes, I’d like that very much.”

But the then he says something that’s slightly ambiguous:
“Remember, it’s supposed to be sunny and warm so dress appropriately.”

I could just take it at face value. The weather forecast is for warm sunny weather so I’ll wear something light but is there an unspoken agenda here? Is he hoping for something more than a picnic with wine and conversation?
Well, he’s a man and that wouldn’t be unusual.
And what about me? I’m a woman and I have my own needs for physical pleasure especially since that’s sadly missing in my marriage.
Perhaps Ron is in the same situation.

“Thanks Ron, I’ll bear the weather in mind. See you at one o’clock.”

I stood, gathered my things and readied to leave but at the door I turned. He was watching me intensely so I waved with my fingers and mouthed ‘One o’clock’ and left.
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Ron just stared as she walked away. He was mesmerized by this younger woman’s figure. To him, she had a cute rounded bottom and he wanted to run his hands all over it. He particularly remembered that flirty look she gave him as she left.

Ron couldn’t wait until 1 o’clock. He went home and sat next to his wife as the TV was on. She was going on about routine household things but his mind was not following. He just kept nodding yes to whatever she said. He could only think of Eve. He wanted Eve to be there with him that night. He wanted Eve to be in the chair next to him engaging him in conversation. He wanted them to share a bottle of wine and slow dance with each other. He wanted to start making out as the swayed in each other’s arms. Then he wanted to take her upstairs, take off her clothes and give her a warm oil massage.

As these thoughts ran through his head, his cock began to stiffen. His wife caught sight of this and rolled her eyes as if to say

“Please let him leave me alone tonight”

Ron didn’t have to worry as she had 2 more drinks and passed out.

The next morning Ron got up early. He took a long warm shower and shaved very closely for her. He hit the deli as soon as it opened and got gourmet sandwiches for the lunch. Then he went to the liquor store and got a nice bottle of red wine. The last stop was the flower store to pick up a bouquet of flowers.

He got to the park, found a table for them and sat down at 12:30. That half hour must have seemed like an eternity to Ron. He kept asking himself

“Do you think she’ll ever go a guy like you? You are probably 10-15 years older than her”

And the he thought

“Maybe she will. Maybe her marriage is as stale as mine. If that’s the case, is she looking for a real ongoing affair or just a “perfect stranger’ who she would meet every now and then for sex and get on her way?”

Ron was hoping for the former but would settle for the latter. Which led to the next thought

“Boy I bet she looks good naked and if given the chance I know I can satisfy her. I will put her pleasure first”

And then a worrying thought entered his mind

“What if she doesn’t show? What if she was just trying to be nice to and older guy?”

However, just as one o’clock came her saw her on the walking path heading towards him. He waved his hands at her. She saw them and walked over. As she sat down Ron gave her the flowers.

Ron thought he detected a blush again. He noticed her perfume again. She fixed her hair slightly differently and Ron liked it because it showed more of her face.

“Well, I see you dressed appropriately” Ron playfully remarked
“How old?” Kate exclaimed.

“He’s fifty-seven.”

“Fifty-seven? That’s twenty years older than you. Eve, what are you thinking?”

“I’m not thinking anything, especially not about age differences.”

“So who is he?”

I was sitting in the coffee shop with my best friend Kate.
“Well, his name is Ron and he’s a member at the new gym, y’know, the one just out of town? Anyway, he was one of the members that we interviewed for the promo video and he was nice, helpful and he offered to buy me a drink and I thought why not so here I am and I’m having a picnic with him at one o’clock.”

Kate shook her head, frowning slightly.
“And that’s it? He bought you a drink and now you’re meeting him for a picnic? You don’t know who he is. He might be a serial killer.”

I had to laugh.
“Yeah, I can see the headlines now: The Picnic Killer. All his victims were well fed.”

“No Eve, I’m being serious and look at the way you’re dressed. Your tits are almost hanging out of your blouse and your skirt leaves nothing to the imagination. It’s an open invitation to be groped.”

I felt angry at Kate.
“Well perhaps that’s what I want. I can’t remember the last time I was groped.”

We sat in silence for a minute or two.
“Look Kate, I know you have my best interests at heart but really, he’s a nice, well-mannered married guy and if he comes on too strong then I’ll leave, ok?”
I smiled at her.
"And don't worry, I have my Mace in my purse. I'll be ok, ok?"


I glanced at my watch. Just five minutes before one and there he was, waving at me. He’d set out a picnic rug with a hamper and handed me a large bouquet of flowers.

“Ah Ron, that’s so sweet of you. You really shouldn’t have.” I said, giving him a kiss on his cheek.

“This is so lovely, so secluded. Do you bring all your dates here? I asked with a laugh.
All my dates?” Ron chuckled to himself. “If she only knew that this was the first time I ever had a “date” since I got married. And I haven’t even kissed her yet!”

Ron then told Eve

“Eve, let me explain to you why I asked you here, But first, let me tell you of my current situation”

Ron spread the table cloth on the picnic table. He then got the sandwiches out of the basket and placed them on the table and poured them each a glass of wine. He then looked directly into Eve’s eyes.

Ron went on to explain that he was married 30 years to his college sweetheart. Things were just Ok, until his wife had her health scare a dozen years ago. Then their relationship got progressively worse especially after the kids moved out of the house. He didn’t specifically mention his unfulfilling sex life but he was hoping she’d catch on. He was talking about their typical night parked in front of the TV not doing anything and barely speaking.

All the time he was talking he noticed her low cut blouse and short skirt. Her saw more of her body on this day that he had the previous day when she was more conservatively dressed. But today she was a knockout in his mind. This just ratcheted up his desire to touch her, to kiss her, to nibble on her neck, behind her ears and on the tops of her breasts. He so much wanted to run his hands up and down her naked back and cup each cheek of her rounded bottom while they kissed and hugged.

Ron continued his conversation with those thoughts in his head.

“So Eve, there I was stuck in this drab gray world with little hope of escaping. I know I needed to lose about 30 pounds so I joined the gym”

The he added

“There I was getting ready to start my exercise routing when I was interviewed by this very engaging younger woman”

He pointed at Eve and continued.

“There was something about this woman”

He pointed to her again

“There was something that was welcoming in her eyes. And she had a smile that made me feel that all was right in the world”

He could see that she was intently listening to him.

“So I asked you to join me on this outing so we could hopefully get to know each other better. I know this may sound cliché but I have never done this since I have been married. And yes, I am, aware there is an age difference between us and maybe that’s why I may seem hesitant at times. But just sitting here talking with you is so very invigorating.’

He poured a second glass for each of them.

He smiled at her and said

“Ok. It’s your turn to talk’
Ron could have taken his words straight from my mouth.
Of course, I hadn’t been married for as long as he has but what he was describing was my marriage and my relationship with my husband.
In a word, boredom.
I guessed that, although he hadn’t said so, he too was in a relationship with no intimacy and for Ron, being that much older, it must have been like looking down the barrel of a gun as he rushed ever closer to old-age and the opportunities for a sexual liaison diminished in direct proportion to his age.

So what do I think?
Do I feel sorry for him? Well yes but not in a way that I’d get involved with him if I didn’t find him attractive.
I’m not some good Samaritan providing a counselling service. I’m someone with my own needs for an emotional connection, a closeness, in a word, a friendship and if in that process we finish up in bed together then so be it but that’s a long way down the road – that is if I can wait that long.

“Ok. It’s your turn to talk.”

I took a drink of my wine and started.
“First of all, I’m so sorry to hear about your wife’s illness and the effect it’s had on your marriage. That is the worst thing to happen because, and I know this might sound very harsh, because if your wife had passed away, you’d have all the happy memories and after a while you’d have been able to move on and perhaps even meet someone else, but now I guess it must be difficult not to be resentful.”

I paused. I was aware that now I was sitting looking at my hands as I spoke but I couldn’t cope with direct eye contact while revealing so much about myself.

“I’ve been married for less than half the time you have and luckily, both my husband and I enjoy good health. We have no children and in a way, for that I’m grateful. Perhaps they would have been a distraction, something to fill in the blanks in my relationship with my husband but at least without them I know that if my marriage ends then it will just me and my husband to pick up the pieces.”

I took another sip of my wine and continued, still avoiding eye contact.
“My problem is that my marriage is in a rut, the same routine, day in day out. We get up at the same time every day. He puts on the coffee while I shower and dress, we pass on the stairs without speaking and I leave for work. Later, back home, dinner comes from the microwave, he watches TV in the den and I watch TV in the lounge and if by some accident we find ourselves in bed at the same time, occasionally, very occasionally, we’ll have sex – not make love, just sex – and it’s the same every time, a quick grope of my tits, a fingering and then he’s on top, cums, grunts and then he’s asleep and I’m left there with his mess on me and on the sheets wondering what I need to do for him to even think about making me cum.”

I look up at Ron.
“I’m sorry, this must sound terrible. Do you know, apart from my best friend I’ve never told anyone about this. I hope I haven’t shocked you.”

I don’t know if I’ve shocked Ron but in a way, I don’t care if I have. If he can’t cope with this then perhaps he’s not the person I’m looking for and it’s been curiously cathartic opening up to a complete stranger. I take another drink of my wine and look at him, waiting for his reply.
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“No, you sure haven’t shocked me” Ron replied. Then he chuckled. “We both are in the same boat when it comes to our marriages. Isn’t it funny how people of different ages seem to have the same problem?”

He wanted to be very careful with his words. He didn’t want her to think he was just some older guy going through a mid-life crisis and who thought that hooking up with a younger woman would solve his problems because that was not the case for him. He felt alive talking to her. If sex with a younger woman was all he wanted he could buy that. No, this was different, much different.

Ron thought to himself, I hope that wasn’t TMI But he had to complete his thoughts.

“And yes, I hear you about kids. We raised 3 and they did fill a void for a while. Don’t misunderstand me, I love them to death and would go to the ends of the earth for them. But 30 years later it’s now just the 2 of us. Now is the time I want to go and do and explore. I’ve planned and worked hard for this my whole life. Unfortunately, she’s of the opposite mindset”

“When it comes to intimacy my wife and I are definitely in a rut. She never was a sexual person even before her illness. I guess I just tolerated that because we got along and were intellectually compatible. But these days, she makes me feel like a dirty old man if I want to have sex with her.”

Ron continued to open up to Eve

“She gets drunk almost every night and whenever I tried to initiate any intimacy she would say terrible things to me like ‘Oh I guess I have to perform tonight’ or “Ok, if you insist’. After a while I stopped trying. Who needs the hurt and humiliation? Oh sure, once ever other month she throws me a “mercy fuck” but that is just us having sex. We haven’t made love in decades”

Ron knew how he felt. He now wanted, actually needed, to know how Eve felt. Was she going to think of him as a kindly older guy with whom she could open up or was there more?

So Ron pressed on

“Look, we are both in ruts so to say. Unfortunately, people grow apart. It happens and it doesn’t make anyone involved a bad person”

He then asked

“What would you like to do to get you out of your rut? Any dreams? Any hopes? What would ease your boredom?”

Then he finally added

“For the record your husband’s a fool for not appreciating a good looking woman like yourself. Take it from a male’s perspective you are very attractive”

And he thought to himself “And very desirable”
Wow, so we’ve both laid our cards on the table, our lives spread out in front of each other and I’m wondering where we go from here.

When I’d spoken to Kate the other day and told her I was thinking about having an affair I had a vision in my mind of meeting a man purely by chance, and accepting an invitation to lunch or perhaps for a drink and bit by bit we’d discover that we wanted each other and we’d finish up in bed together; he’d be an amazing lover, taking me to heights of orgasm that I’d forgotten all about and then we’d lie side by side, sated until the next time when we’d do it again.

We wouldn’t fall in love and neither of us would want to destroy our marriages. We’d be friends with benefits and when I think of it like that it seems rather tawdry but isn’t that how affairs are?

Or perhaps I could be polyamorous while keeping my husband.
Perhaps there I should have several men, Ron on Tuesdays then a different man on Wednesdays and so on and suddenly that idea was very exciting, stepping right outside of convention…
Rebel Rebel.
I knew I’d have David Bowie running through my head for the rest of the day.

But right now, it’s Ron or nothing. I reached across the table and held his hands.
“Why don’t we lie down on the picnic rug and you can kiss me.”
Ron was surprised yet excited by Eve’s request. He felt the blood rush to his cock. He hadn’t had anybody initiate anything sexual in decades. Even before her health issues, his wife never did. He hadn’t planned on having an affair. Well, subconsciously he did but he just couldn’t bring himself to admit it. But now he had this beautiful younger woman whose conversation and sheer physical beauty captivated him.

Now it was his turn to blush. He thought to himself

“Hey I am the guy. I should have made the first move!” But he didn’t care. He was about to kiss a beautiful woman – his first in a long time.

“I would like nothing better” He smiled and said softly to her.

He quickly got up and spread out the blanket. He made sure that it was partly secluded so that there was no chance of being discovered in case one of their friends happened to walk by. He took her by both hands and they sat on the blanket together. He placed his hands around her waist and drew her close to him. She pressed her body against his so that their chests were tight against each other. Ron so desperately wanted them both to be naked so they could feel each other’s warm skin rubbing on each other. But unfortunately, this was not the place for that. He then placed one hand on her lower back and the other between her shoulder blades.

As he parted his lips to find hers all of his senses came alive. She didn’t wear a lot of perfume but just enough to be intoxicating, as his lips touched hers the sweet aroma of her made him breathe faster. As they sat there kissing his hands ran up and down her back and soon he was gently running his fingers through her hair. When she laid back Ron kept kissing her and laid down slightly to the side of her. All the while their soft lips and tongues played with each other. Ron couldn’t but notice how her rounded breasts looked very pert and were perfectly silhouetted against the sky.

He didn’t want to see to forward in public but his hand found the inside of her thigh. With his fingertips and palms she started to slowly caress it. His other hand stroked her hair. They still were kissing but their kisses now became more intense. Eve began to get more aggressive with her squirms and moans while Ron kept softly kissing her. Soon, his cock was getting hard.

“We need to continue this is private” Ron eventually said.

Eve was almost out of breath and she said “But where?”

Ron then told her

“I have a cabin on the lake. I’m the only one who goes there anymore. It’s about an hour outside of town.”

His mind kept working. He didn’t want this opportunity to pass but he didn’t want to rush her into anything. He didn’t know if this was going to be a one-time thing or if it would be an ongoing affair between 2 people stuck in sexually unsatisfied marriages.

“I don’t want to pressure you. We can go right now but’s we’ll be back late or we can go in a couple of days when we can spend the whole day there and be back by super time and neither of the propel we are married to will suspect anything”

The he lowered his voice and said

“So what do you say?”
Ron is very eager, holding me tightly against him and his tongue finding mine but then, what did I expect?
I’d just asked a guy I’d only briefly met before if he’d like to kiss me and of course he accepted the invitation.
And he’s an ok kisser, not trying to reach my tonsils with his tongue and his hand on my back feels nice.


Yes, nice and it’s something that I haven’t felt for a long time.
I know he’s not getting anything at home, well not apart from the occasional consolation fuck.
And why does his wife do that? I’m guessing that she doesn’t have any sexual urges anymore but doesn’t she care for her husband, not even a little bit?
He may as well jerk himself off to some porn. At least then he could pretend that there was some reciprocal engagement.

But I’m not his wife, I’m a woman who practically suggested that we have an affair so, although taken a little by surprise, he soon finds the inside of my thigh with his fingers and I have to stop myself from automatically taking his hand away.
Yes an affair is about company and feelings but essentially it’s about sex.
He hardly gets any at home and what I get is unmemorable to say the least so to have a man openly touch me sexually is exciting and fun and for a moment I imagine being in a hotel bathroom, showering to remove the evidence of a sexual encounter before going home to greet my husband with a lacklustre “Hi”.

Even so I gasp at his first contact and wonder if we should leave it there for the moment but I need to know what his intentions are, how far he’ll go on the first occasion so I move as if to make myself more comfortable but at the same time ease my legs apart. I want to know how far he’ll go and if he does, is he any good?

The lake house sounds better than a hotel but I bet it's full of wifey things and I'm not sure how I feel about that. A hotel room is neutral ground, we could go there, fuck and leave but I'm not going to do either if he doesn't know his way around a woman's body and in particular, this woman's body.