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Ron could sense some trepidation in Eve’s eyes and could also detect it in her voice. Maybe the Lake House was a bridge too far. Maybe it was too much too soon. Maybe now that they kissed, Eve was getting second thoughts. Ron never strayed before and he was in new territory.

Still, Eve didn’t know Ron rented out the lake home to vacationers half of the time to generate income. The other half the time he was in the house alone but these days he only managed to get up there a couple times a year. Not that his wife minded. She enjoyed him being away because that meant there was no possibility of him suggesting sex.

“Eve, I am sorry if I came on too bold but I have to let you know how I feel. I am so at ease with you I just have to let you know”

Ron continued

“I never thought I’d feel this way again but you have awakened something inside of me. At age 57 and after 30 years of marriage. I honestly thought my sex life would just fade away. It happens to a lot of couples my age and I swore it would never happen to me and unfortunately it did. But then I met you.”

As there was no turning back now he kept talking

“So what am I looking for? Well, I want someone who is more than just a social friend and at the same time more than just a sex partner. Does than make sense to you?”

Ron studies Eve’s body language and thought he sensed her willingness to explore this some more. He wondered what kind of guy wouldn’t be thrilled with a woman like her. Eve had a sensuality he never detected in his own wife, even when they were dating. She sure new how to kiss and by the way she reacted to his touch he knew that the insides of her thighs and back were sensitive. He wondered what her breasts were like, how it would feel to caress her naked bottom. But Ron wanted even more. He wanted the heat, the passion, and the intensity of pleasing her sexually and more importantly letting her know that she was appreciated and that her pleasure came first.

‘So if you are interested, let me do this. Let’s pause the lake House for the time being. Let me take you to dinner at that 3 star hotel. I want to wine you, dine you, dance with you and pursue you. And if I’m lucky, you’ll let me catch you.”

“Just tell me what day works best for you”
There’s almost a sense of desperation in Ron’s voice and although this is only our second meeting it’s as if he’s invested everything in seducing me, first suggesting the lake house and then a hotel for dinner.
I tried to give him every clue I could when I made myself more comfortable and eased my legs apart but either he missed it or was too nervous to accept my invitation.
This ought to be naughty, exciting, arousing, not nice or polite but perhaps Ron is of a generation that’s bound by caution, not boldness, and for a moment I imagine how it could have gone, his fingers finding my wet gusset, and I am wet, and then a command:

“Take your panties off” and then here in a public park he’d have fingered me to an orgasm and promised more to come.
We’d have giggled and I’d have grabbed his erection through his chinos and I too would have promised more to come.

But it’s not like that and I’m wondering now if he’s the right man for me or for this.
I want someone bolder, more adventurous.
Having an affair is dangerous enough but we ought to be running along the cliff edge of life, scared of being found out but at the same time intoxicated by the outrageous thrill of it all.
And a hotel? Let’s go to a rib shack and lick each other’s fingers and then shoot pool and chug beers and fuck in the back of his pickup truck.

But perhaps this is all my fantasy, like a plot stolen from a romcom movie, albeit a very racy one, and the reality is how Ron sees it.

“No, show me the lake house, it sounds fun.”
Ron couldn’t pack up the picnic things any faster. He threw them in the back of his as she hopped in the passenger seat. Ron looked at her in the rear view mirror. He noticed she undid the top button to her blouse. Her breasts were practically hanging out just begging to be caressed and begging to be kissed. He looked over at her and her short skirt seemed to be hiked up even further.

The roads were relatively empty so Ron didn’t have to worry about traffic. So he reached his hand over and felt her knee. Eve seemed to relax and opened her legs a little bit more for him. As he was driving he had his eyes on the road, one hand controlling the steering wheel while the other was caressing her knee. Then his hands found the inside of her thighs. Then his fingers found the outside of her pussy. He felt the heat of her pussy. She started to wiggle and softly moan.

“ I didn’t tell you before but I have a hot tub in the house.”

Just then his fingers slipped under her panties. His thumb worked its way up to her clit. Very softly, he rotated his thumb on her joy button. She was all but sitting sideways so he had better access. She wanted her pussy played with. She needed her pussy to be played with. Ron's cock started to stiffen. he couldn't remember the last time he was the object of anyone's sexual desire.

“We will be there in a few minutes. Enjoying the ride?”
Well it looks like I’m going to get what I’ve been asking for. I’ve led Ron on and now, with one hand on the steering wheel and the other up my skirt he’s thumbing my clit, not the most erotic situation I’ve ever been in but at least I know that if I go through with this Ron will fuck me.
Then he comes out with this:
“We will be there in a few minutes. Enjoying the ride?”

If he’s talking about him driving with one hand I’m not sure and I’m even less sure if he’s talking about his thumb on my clit. But at least he knows where it is and bit by bit I have to admit to myself that in a curiously funny sort of way this is quite fun.

I lean over and open his fly, easing his cock from his shorts. He’s rock hard and bigger than I expected but then what was I expecting? Smaller because he’s older?
I lick his tip, tasting his precum and then take him into my mouth, hoping that this doesn’t end up like that scene with Steve Martin in Parenthood where he crashes the car into a tree while his wife is giving him a blow job.
He’s certainly eager but I’m worried that if I make him cum now he won’t be ready for a second shot for quite a while so I lift off him and let him concentrate on the rest of the journey.

“Is it far now?” I ask, giving his cock a final squeeze.
Ron concentrated hard on his driving. He only had 10 more minutes to go to get there.

“Not far, not far at all”

Ron pulled into the parking spot by the house. He saw that Eve had a seductive devilish look in her face. Her beautiful smile was so inviting. By the way she walked every so slowly Ron just knew she was trying to tantalize him some more. Ron let her walk ahead but when they got to the front door she stopped to let Ron open the door. Ron purposely kept walking and walked right intro her. He felt her back pressed to his chest and felt his hard cock pressing into her well rounded but firm bottom.

“Oh this is going to be intense” Ron thought to himself.

Ron opened the door and let Eve go in before him. As soon as Ron closed the door behind him, Ron reached outand grabbed her hips and turned her around so she was facing him. Then they started making out at a more intense pace than they did at the park. Ron felt Eve’s luscious breasts pressed to his chest as his lips softly parted hers and he slid his tongue in her mouth. Very lightly his tongue flickered over hers. Ron pulled his lips away and started kissing he neck and them he worked his kisses at her hairline right behind her ears.

Ron carefully opened her blouse and his hands worked their way up her sides. Because she didn't resist Ron felt more confident that there was no way Eve was going to turn back now. Her skin felt so smooth to Ron. He leaned back a bit and his hands found her breasts. She also didn't resist when Ron undid her bra. Soon his hands were gently fondling her breasts.

Ron noticed Eve was staring at his crotch. His hard cock was all but bursting through his now tight jeans.

“Care to get naked and go in the hot tub?” Ron asked. His plan was to tease her some more and get her horniness ratcheted up even higher. It’s been so long since he was able to do this to a woman. He was quite hard but very much calmed down. He wasn’t close to cumming…yet. But he knew she would get him there. But now it would be his turn to tantalize her!

“Well, what do you say? Feel like getting wet?”
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This is moving quickly, quicker that I had ever imagined. When I was talking to Kate in the coffee shop, I’d imagined an affair with more romance, being wined and dined, perhaps dancing a little closer than was acceptable.
I knew that he’d have an erection and I’d be able to feel his hardness against me as we danced but what that presaged would have to wait for another time, maybe two or three dates down the line.

But this is not like that, it’s not some dreamy 1930s movie romance, this is now, today, the twenty first century and things move faster.
We’d already kissed, not just a brushing of lips but full on, tongues and saliva, him pulling me to him so that my breasts were crushed against him and now almost exposed as he unbuttoned my blouse.
And I did nothing to stop him.

Wasn’t I supposed to play just a teeny bit reluctant?
“No Ron, please, not yet, go slowly.”
But I didn’t say that.

It was like I’d reached the top of a roller coaster ride and the inevitable rush of speed as the car gathered pace was out of my control. The part of me that wanted to have an affair wanted it full on and wanted it right now.

Somewhere in my consciousness I could hear Ron:
“Care to get naked and go in the hot tub?”
Yes, yes, of course I wanted that. Why wouldn’t I?
“Well, what do you say? Feel like getting wet?”

My fired brain misinterpreted that. I didn’t need to get wet. My panties were already soaked and I knew that if I touched myself I’d cum almost immediately.
Even so, somewhere a bit of my conditioned brain was saying ‘no, slow down, it shouldn’t be like this’.
But my body didn’t agree. My body wanted to be fucked.

“Yes, let’s get naked, what are we waiting for?”
“While the tub is heating up, let me open a bottle of Champagne” Ron opened the wine fridge in the corner.

“I assume you like a good glass of the bubbly” Ron remarked. “I mean. Who doesn’t?”

“Here, let’s sit a bit and relax” Ron said as he got out 2 champagne flutes and set them on a side table by the tub. Ron didn’t want to be presumptuous but he thought that good slow jazz and this good French champagne would ease whatever reservations she might have.

The soft saxophones began to play as the champagne cork was popped. Ron poured 2 generous glasses of wine. He then got out 2 fluffy white towels from the closet by the tub.

Ron noticed a bit of hesitation in Eve’ eyes as she took her first sip. This was Ron’s first time with another woman since he was married over 30 years ago. Being an honest person and not wanting to mislead Eve he came right out with the truth.

“Look, I know this sounds cliché, but I am a little nervous here because I have never done this before” he stated to explain. “I was resigned to the fact that I would never lead a fulfilling sex life again. And then I saw you in the gym. And then you made eye contact with me. And then you smiled and spoke to me. You probably don’t notice this or maybe nobody ever told you but your eyes just open up a teeny bit wider when you smile. And your soothing voice just, I can’t explain it, but it makes me happy.”

Ron knew deep down he wanted to explore every inch of her body but there was something more to her. He had longed for many women but Eve was different. He saw her as an intelligent woman who had a certain vulnerability that was not apparent if you just concentrated on her body. He just hoped she didn’t think he was too awkward in his first attempt at an affair. Then he thought, surely this isn’t her first time…or was it?

As the music played and the wine bottle was emptied, Ron turned the lights to low. He was worried about getting naked in front of her. Surely this woman had seen better bodies with bigger cocks. Yet (for some reason) she seemed very accepting of his 57 year old body.

He got completely naked and turned around to give her the full frontal view.

He took her by the hand. He stepped in the warm pulsating first and then he implored her.

“Well, are you coming?”