Comments to view ratio

EB: 1 comment/1000 views. Is this your personal ratio or the ratio true to Literotica? My latest story has (I think) 1800 views and 6 comments, 1 is as I've explained elsewhere was a little asshattery but ok, the others have been really complimentary. I ask because I've turned comments 'on' for the first time on my stories. I have up to now only turned comments 'on' on author challenge stories and I've only done two of those. I still don't allow voting. One exception to comments being 'off' was my first ever story here, I submitted it under 'Romance' but the moderator reposted under LW. It was a few hours before I realised and ended up deleting close to 100 derogatory comments. The few that weren't deleted remain on that story.
My story response, yes. Other than LW, it's a ratio that pops up often enough when this gets tossed around - one Vote per hundred Views, one Comment per thousand. You might get more comments because you don't allow voting - I'd not thought of that as a factor before.

You've seen for yourself why many authors don't go near LW.